Monday, August 17, 2009

Programing Jupiter's Dynavox

I finally got the software for my son Jupiter's Dynavox V installed on my laptop and his settings transferred as well so I can work on programs for him on my laptop and just transfer it to his device with a thumb drive instead of working on his touch screen and having to wait until he is here to do it. The boy is so busy and gone most of the day at camp or school.

Jupiter has autism and is mostly nonverbal. His "talker" is pretty awesome and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction learning to program it and customize it for him.
His is bright pink with a black padded carry case around it. We are going to start a home ABA program for him and I am working on customizing programs for that. I have a meeting a week from tomorrow to talk with his case manager about getting funding in place for said program and I already have one camp counselor that has agreed to work with Jupiter after camp is over. Jupiter will be so stoked to have Mike come and play!

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