Tuesday, August 18, 2009

baby toes

Ran 14 miles barefoot today! Broke new ground and feel great. My feet and legs are getting stronger and based on the soreness of my abs, they must be getting stronger as well.

I worked on my form and nose breathing and I think I did feel more energy from the deeper breathing. I worked on Barefoot Ken Bobs advice of "Relax, Relax, Relax" and imagined my ankles and knees as springs and not rigid.

I did not eat before or during the run and after the initial feelings of hunger I was comfortable again. I did drink Gatorade during the run and felt nicely hydrated. The run sadly took forever to do though. I don't even want to post my average time per mile it was so slow. I do not have any blisters though so that is the upside to a turtle pace.
I loved when I hit the wall and was able to find that place inside myself that has access to hidden energies that push me forward through time and space when I so badly want to stop.
I feel so accomplished when I walk through my front door and sit down on the sofa!
I did feel ,and have for a couple of weeks, that my Chi is bunched up somewhere and not flowing like it should. I keep meaning to do some yoga.....alas I will probably feel motivated to do it when I am running again tomorrow and thinking that my Chi is still blocked.

The huge amount of people I have to pass on the way(state fair is going on just down the street) gives me a nice dose of anxiety but all the comments about my naked dogs have been fairly benign. I need to go over the list on RW barefoot forum and memorize some comebacks just in case I am faces with a naysayer.

After coming home I took the kids to speech therapy at Childserve which everyone enjoys. Its nice to get some social interaction with people who care about my kiddos.
I have been working on checking off items on the to do lists. I came up with a descent recipe for gluten free black pepper turkey biscuits. Gluten free baking and cooking is a tricky endeavor. Gluten is what holds baked goods together so a bonding agent like xantham gum is needed for GF baking. Even cooking Rice pasta is different than wheat or even corn pasta. Its all rather touchy and it takes a while to get used to the different flavors. The biscuits are similar to turkey bierocks when spicy mustard is put on them. All in all a success.

Also went looking for baby feet photos on my computer and really love this one! My babies are growing up so fast! Wish I was that flexible :)

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