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Steve Runners video and Jenny McCarthy body count

Today while making the rounds on Facebook I came across this video that Barefoot Ted posted of a man who is clearly exstatic over discovering the joys of barefoot running. Being a barefoot runner myself I am very pleased that he has rediscovered his love of running again. After 10 years and shod running related injuries he is now experiencing an outspoken bliss.
I immidiately reposted his video with excitement.  Then I started poking around his website and kept shaking my head more and more. His transformation is a work in progress as it is the same for all of us.

After I reposted Steve's video I started poking around on his website and found a link to a website that has anti-vaccine body count. The opening line is "Welcome to the Jenny McCarthy Body Count".  Now they also say that of course Jenny is not responsible for all the deaths that have occured from (so called) vaccine preventable diseases but they call it her body count none the less.
For those who do not know, Jenny McCarthy is a mother of a little boy with autism. She researched and worked to pay for therapies and special diets and chelation therapy for her son. None of which is covered by insurance by the way. She faught hard and it still fighting to raise awareness about vaccines, autism, autism treatment and what parents can do to help their children with autism.

The death count website was completley one sided, they singled out one woman  and practiced shody journalism. They quote and give references to the CDC only.  The CDC does give the bare minimum cover your ass information but if one were to dig just one step further.... for example. The CDC gives a list of ingredientst that are in the vaccines but no reference was given to the side effects of each ingredient or the warnings associated with these ingredients (ex.aluminum hydroxide wiki). Better yet there is no information as to what happens when these ingredients are mixed. There are also no long term studies based on the current vaccine schedule.  The statement that thymerisol has been removed from vaccines is a false one. It has been reduced but not taken out of the childhood vaccine schedule and the vaccines that were still on the shelves before mercury was reduced were used up and not tossed out like we were led to believe. (about vaccines)

So you are now asking why I am posting this and the answer is simple. I reposted a video about a guy who started barefoot running which I too am passionate about. In doing so I gave him publicity through my friends on facebook and now of course from this blog and I want to make it known that I completely dissagree with the Jenny McCarthy death count.  I also do not believe that one can be a staunch any kind of religous believer and also claim to adhere to the ideas of science as Steve Runner says he is.

I believe that in Steve Runners jouney he is finding that he thought for years and years that the shoe manufacturers and salesmen and the doctors and their orthotics were "the" answer and that these people who spoke the loudest and had the best marketing campaigns. The ones with the most money can be the most convincing and appealing.  Look at for example Merick one of the makers of vaccines they pull in a nifty 3 billion dollars a year.  How about Nike selling you their hot shoes while there are numerous campaigns to get them to stop their sweat shops and yet you just cannot run without the right kind of shoes to protect your feet because of course they care so much about you and not the money. 
  He has taken steps to change and become more openminded and demostrated this in his video that I linked to above. He was even brave enough and had the humility to openly apologize to Barefoot Ted who is considered an expert in barefoot running as well as many other topics. I commend Steve for these moves, and I find it brings hope to me.

The vaccine injury argument is one that I have a sensativity to. My 7 year old son who is still non verbal was diagnosed with autism just before he turned three. He stopped talking and lost all eye contact shortly after his 12 month shots. He was a normal active thriving little boy who was developing 2 word sentences and active in his family before he was vaccinated.  I did not stop to question.  I learned the hard way. I did not question nor research on my own and I made decisions that I could not take back and my son was damaged severely. Did the vaccines cause his autism? That is the big question. I do believe that it exaserbated any kind of underlying predisposition there may have been and after researching the ingredients in each vaccine I would not and do not take the risks again. There are other environmental toxins that should be taken into consideration these days as well but at this point I err on the side of caution after what I have learned.

I could compile my information about vaccines and the harm they can do and the lists and references would go on for pages but other people have done that already. I don't have a passion to argue with others about it. Most of the time I find that until people are not truly willing to listen they are just waiting to have their turn to speak and my words would fall on deaf ears or in this case blind eyes especially when it comes to such heated topics. Part of me is like that too, a part I am working to change.
   If someone wants the information like I did when it was imperative that I have it to make decisions for my children they will seek it out the way  I sought out the information and I spent countless hours going one step and another, farther in the research to try and see things from all angles until I came to a point where I felt confident that I could live with the consiquences of my actions. They will go after it whether I have screamed at them from my soap box or not.

I have to constantly reevaluate my beliefs about everything and I challenge everyone to do the same and an honest effort at this is far harder than it sounds. The first step may very well be to take off your shoes and run a while barefoot and then take that philosophy from there to the next level, wonder why you did it and then ask again and again.
Questioning has becom more and more of a subconscous response since my barefoot runs are the times when I can reflect the deepest. Why I do what I do and believe what I believe become rote  the more I am aware of how many times I have chosen a stance because someone of authority or place of supposed stature told me to, like doctors, shoe companies, the church, the CDC, the FDA ect. ect. ect.  and I accepted the consiquences of that blind faith and have paid dearly for it many times.

This turned into a bit of a rant I suppose and I have been thinking all day about  how far out of my happy little bubble I wanted to come to talk about this or how many toes to step on because I have some beliefs that others don't like and can sometimes be hostile towards but I have said my piece and will post some links and wish the best for everyone in the end.
  There are topics that I am passionate about and most of them I have taken the exact opposite stance as the social norms.  Not for the sake of being a rebel or being differnt either. Being different comes with a cost that gives me a great deal of anxiety but I can't lie to myself anymore after I have done the research and it points in the exact opposite of what is socially acceptible to the masses. When I have experienced and have tried these ideals for myself I have to accept that there is no going back to shoes to run in or having babies in the hospital when we are healthy or vaccinating my children when I know there are toxins in the vaccines and not enough research to back up allegations of safety. I am an active consumer when it comes to mine and my childrens health care and now when it comes to our shoes as well. I challenge everyone to question and question again.everything.
"True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us."
"Wisdom begins in wonder."
****Deep and sincere thanks to my soul mate for putting ideas in my head and supporting me when they sprout and grow and for holding my hand when I feel the heat****
***Don't forget to take it a step further and Wiki or otherwise each ingredient*****

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