Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's all falling into place

  We took a big risk moving to Washington.  It was a calculated, well thought out, and researched risk but a big leap of faith none the less.  All the pieces seemed to fit when we first moved here and landed in Port Angeles.   Even though we wanted to just stay put for a while, it wasn't quite right.  

  So we researched more and decided to move to Bremerton, about an hour and a half away from Port Angeles and closer to Seattle.  That again was another risk.  It all made sense logically and I covered all the bases in my research but you know, the universe does its own thing ultimately.  

  What can you do though besides believe that it will all work out and that if it doesn't you will be ok anyways?

  Today though, it all seems to be falling into place!   I love our house and our neighbors and the woman that will be working with Jupiter doing his ABA program came over today to meet us and meet Jupiter.  I have a good feeling about her!!   As soon as his program is put together she can start working with him.   

  AND  I just got off the phone with the people at the Bradley Childbirth education office and my application to become a teacher was accepted!   My class is in June but I can start on reviewing the reading material and outlining books.   
  This is something I have had on the back burner for years now.   The spawn are old enough to be ok with me being gone for 4 days to do the workshop and I will be teaching out of my home so I will still be to work from home.  The Superhero is excited for me too and he is so supportive. 

  Its all falling into place.   I believe in the good things comin' comin' comin'...  xoxo

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