Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy video, birthday sandwiches, and Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turn 37.  I had a few moments in the bathroom looking at the grays at my temple and wondering what I would look like with just a bit of "work" on my face to make it look younger.  I don't indulge in those thoughts often but, you know,  its my birthday.  I don't look real tired today and I feel good so the thoughts didn't last long. 

   My lovely little spawn, Milo, turned 8 today!  I love sharing a birthday with that boy!

Today is the day to get all those fabulous Facebook birthday wishes on Facebook.   My favorites were one about all the adventure and growth over this last year and a friend also posted the Happy video.

  What have I done today?  I went to the store to get dorritos, birthday sandwich ingredients, and soda.  This is what Milo wanted for his birthday.  No cake.  Just a birthday sandwich and dorritos.   Other than the store.  Nothing.  Well, not nothing because I ate too much but I just don't feel like doing anything.  So, I'm not going to!   I might make some jewelry later.  My father sent a whole bunch of crystals for my birthday.  How cool is that!!  I might get creative, but for now, Im just chillin. 

  This year has been pretty spectacular and the coming year looks to be full of opportunity and new endeavors.   I just sent in my application to become a Bradley Childbirth educator.  My class is in Seattle this summer.  Im making art again and am relaxed and inspired. 

he won't eat his chips with is fingers  :)  Did I mention how much I love this boy!?!?

  This time last year I was searching and searching on Craigslist for a house in Washington. We made the decision to get the hell outta the midwest.   We just couldn't take another winter and after this last winter, we are entirely sure that we made the right choice.  We decided in April of last year to move  and were gone in just a couple of months.   We sold, threw away, and gave away all of our stuff except what we could fit in the van.    We didn't know anyone in Washington and slept in a tent for a few days until we found a house to rent in Port Angeles.

  Now we are in Bremerton and I am loving it here!  The people here are so friendly and easy going.  Jupiter will start his ABA program in a few weeks and we have wonderful neighbors AND we love our house.  

 On Sunday I spent the day at an arts and crafts fair.  I am making and selling seaglass jewelry to raise money for my childbirth educator training.  I had a blast!  I used to do art shows all the time when I blew glass and it was nice to be in that environment again.  It is fabulous to be making things again!!

  This time last year I was starting the #handstand365 challenge.   I am on day 344 today!  Im so close!  Someone said today that they expect great things for the last day....  Meh.  Its just going to be another day, much like today.  I plan to keep going anyways.  

  The thing is, is that I am content with days being just days.   It doesn't make them any less spectacular but I like being able to turn the intensity up or down depending on what the day calls for. I used to be way more wound up and intense.  Now I'm cool with just chillin out today.   Maybe its being in my 30s.  Maybe its being a mom.  I think its mainly that I have all that I need and feel happy.   Its taken a lot to get here and it will probably change tomorrow or at least one of these days.  Today though.......its a good day to have a good day. 

  Here's to another fabulous year of growth and exploration and being happy! 

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