Sunday, January 26, 2014

Atttitude is a choice, and handstand 365 day 273

  When I feel down and out and stressed out of my mind and then decide to have a good attitude, it certainly isn't because it's somehow easy.  It is a choice and a choice made  over and over and over again.   I will sometimes fluctuate from being irritated to zen within a span of seconds.  It's work.  

  Those people out there that seem to have this total zen thing going all the time, feel stress and sadness and fatigue, and any other kind of human suffering.  They may want you to think that they have their proverbial shit together all the time but they don't.  You and I are not alone. 

  It is a constant work in progress.  Sure, sometimes its easy but what is easy anyways.  Is it hormonal or luck?  Did the stars align or do we just resign ourselves to the work and choose to be happy.

 Some people on the other hand are unhappy and cranky all the time and can't quite find it in themselves to be happy.   I have been there and have been there for long periods of time.  I have a Superhero to keep me on track and four spawn that need me to show them what work is, so I choose to drink a cup of tea and chill the bleep out.     

  I choose to smile even when I want to spit and sink into a self righteous anger spiral.   Everyone has been given a shit deal.  Its the human condition BUT everyone can choose to have a good attitude.  Despite pain, and sadness, and things being just downright unfair, we can still be happy.   It doesn't have to last but those breathes of air that sustain us when we think we are drowning are enough even when we don't see it that way at the time. 


My famdamily is always around.  Always.  They are underfoot and talking and getting in the way and being cute.  I don't get a lot of peace and quiet.  I find my zen amidst the chaos and wouldn't have it any other way.  Amidst autism, and pain, and just being a parent, I have found such happiness.

This is was from yesterdays day 273 #handstand365.  I had of course held it for much longer and the Superhero asked when he saw this video what happened to the long hold.  I of course wasn't filming that time.  Of course!  

Little muscles, joints, tendons, fascia, my mind, are all making adjustments and getting stronger even though it feels like freakin forever that I have been practicing.  I am getting better though and so excited about it!

I wish you peace and the strength to choose to be happy amidst your chaos. 

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