Sunday, December 8, 2013

Plank Challenge Video Bonus workout and day 1 of 108 days of yoga

  I did this video three freakin times before I felt like it was acceptable!  It was day 8 of the December Plank Challenge and I am going to go up to 1:30 tomorrow.  I like to start new things on Mondays so it works out good like this for me.

Today is also the day I decided to start the 108 days of Yoga Challenge.  I know I just said I like to start things on a Monday but sometimes I start when I can and the motivation hits me!   The program  reminds me a bit of P90X for yoga.  There is some spirituality built in but it seems like it is geared towards a workout instead of a workin which to me is more of what yoga is about.  I do like a good work out though so Im in!!
 I was sent the DVD set to review and it will be a good challenge and motivator for me.  It focuses on mediation as well as clean eating and seems to be a well rounded program just a bit...... I don't know yet.  I will keep you posted though!

Have you tried this program before?   

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