Friday, December 6, 2013

December Plank Challenge update and mornings on the spit

 "I can do this. I believe in myself!" ~Milo Hotz (my 7 year old spawn)~   I overheard him emphatically saying to himself while playing a hard game.

 I have started going out on Ediz Hook a few mornings a week after dropping off little Archimedes at Kindergarten.  It's cold and much better on still days as the wind hurts a bit but the sunrise is worth it.   I'm not typically so not  a morning person but I am loving the sunrise since I have to be up to get two of the four spawn off to school.   Definitely finding the silver lining!

  I have the place pretty much to myself with the gorgeous mountains in the distance and the water washing up lots of treasures on shore.  I found the best heart rock ever!   The solitude is lovely and I know that everyone is taken care of and won't miss me while I'm away and I can just walk and think and do some yoga.    It was a long November and I'm glad for some down time.  Its a good time to think and reassess.   

  I was sent the 108 days of Yoga DVD set to test out for a review and I am excited about it but putting it off as its going to be intense and I need to get in the right mind frame for that.   Since my yoga practice is coming together slowly after the craziness that was this summer and fall I am working on the inner aspects of yoga to get me ready to do the asanas which will in turn get me ready for more spiritual work.  It's a wonderful circular preparation. 

  Right now I'm working on the #decemberplankchallenge  with check-ins at my Facebook page and you are welcome to jump in anytime! 
The picture below is from Day 5 of the December Plank Challenge mixing it up with half time with a leg up and then switch.  Hard stuff!!
  Im working on 1 minute all this week and I go up 30 seconds every Monday with a bonus workout on Sundays that is more dynamic.  

Lots of reviews going on and so much cool stuff to share about!  Working on a holiday gift list with cool backpacks and the 108 days program as well as a survival kit!  Stay tuned for that.  Check out the Vivobarefoot Jing Jing and Off Road HI hiking boot reviews I just put up on

We don't really do a whole lot for holidays.  In my crazy clan, we are  prone to get a cake and have a party just because its a Tuesday or someone did well at learning.   I avoid the stress of the holidays although it always creeps up and I have to reexamine my childhood...shudder...haha!  I want to keep growing and getting better as a human being on this crazy journey even though I have to work out the whole holiday thing.  

How are you managing the stress of the holidays?  Any great gift ideas?

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