Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What are your thoughts on Medical Marijuana? MS is not cool right now.

  Since my last post I have felt much more at ease with not having an intense passion like I did when I wanted to move now that I know what my problem was.  I have a lengthy to-do list and I am excited to work on it.  I have lots and lots of reviews to write and work on for my review site www.babreviews.com.   I have been walking and doing yoga and feeling pretty good and my family is marvelous and they make me happy.

  Then comes MS.  I have not had issues with MS symptoms for many months now.  I knew they would come back eventually and so far its not too bad but it has brought up some questions as well.   My symptoms have been lots of chest pain from what we call the MS hug.  Like a bear hug that doesn't stop.  It's a tightening and cramping of the chest and back muscles.  Also I have been having some headaches.

  So, I have been considering going to the doctor to get a medical marijuana prescription.  Research and reading has brought me to the overwhelming conclusion that many people find a great deal of relief from MS pain and muscle weirdness by using medical MaryJane.    I have smoked pot before and a lot of it at times back before having the spawn.   I don't want to have my mental capacity inhibited nor do I want to smoke anything.  Being an ex smoker for many years now, I know that I don't want fine particulate matter in my lungs.   I would ingest it and I don't even know yet how to get it here other than its legal here in Washington for medical use.   As I sit here and type with a headache and chest pain (if you are new here, I have had my ticker checked out and was told it was beautiful by several docs so I know its not heart trouble) the idea of relief sounds really good right now.

  No weakness yet and my diet and lifestyle could use some refinement but overall its pretty good.  I think the exercise and yoga do wonders.  As you can see my strength and balance are still in good shape.  Just the freakin pain.......

  Do you have experience with marijuana for pain relief?   Tell me about it in the comments please!

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