Saturday, October 26, 2013

Solo road trip for the day

"you leave me here all alone with the kids while you are out on the beach doing cartwheels and poking jellyfish with a stick..."  ~The Superhero

My teeth have been hurting so I made an appointment to see a dentist in Bremerton which is  an hour and a half away.   Not too far but its the first time I have left Port Angeles on my own since moving here in August.   

  I must say I was a little bit nervous having been so used to having the Superhero around all the time.  As a woman I worry and have some irrational and some rational fears that I had forgotten for a time.   Then I saw the mountains covered in fall glory and the water shining with awesome tunes on the radio and all was right in my world.

  My teeth are fine for now and I am to brush with sensodine instead of having them extracted, which I was scared would be the fate of that one chomped in particular.  I was starving by the time I was heading home.  I had an empty starbucks bag that had been in my purse for a month just waiting for the perfect day for coffee.  Yesterday was that day.   I also had a $5 gift card for McDonalds.  I usually feel like total dookie eating there but yesterday was the exception.  I had two onion cheddar burgers and a chipoltle chicken snack wrap.  They were freakin awesome!  Not something I want to eat again anytime soon since I don't want to push my fast food luck but it sure hit the spot yesterday. 

  I stopped first at state park just past the Hood Canal bridge that crosses Puget Sound.  I just saw a sign and turned off. 

   It was a cloudy day but not raining so I could leave the sun roof open on the van and not get blinded or wet.  There was an old man drinking coffee but otherwise I was alone to explore.   Just me and the loud ass frogs serenading me!

I saw a post on a blog for this area to watch for the giant red jellyfish this time of year.   I would have preferred to see them in the water but I did get to see a couple on the beach.  And yes I did poke it with a stick.

Next I stopped at a rest area that had some native american art and a gorgeous view.   It was the perfect spot for Day 181 of #handstand365.  Still going strong.   It has occurred to me and eased my heart to realize that learning to handstand is much like learning to change your running form.  There are so many ligaments, fascia, muscles, bones, etc, to move and shift and change, and get stronger.  I have to be patient.  I was patient learning to be a barefooted with a natural stride and I can be patient learning to be upside down too. 

Next I saw a turn off for a marina.  So I turned off.  I went left at a random T intersection and was rewarded to find the marina and boats and mountains and sunshine.  It was amazing.  

It is not all green here.  There are a lot of trees.  I mean a lot of trees.  And many of them are changing and being their gorgeous fall selves. 

Gotta just sit for a minute to soak it all in. 

And now this is me today.  Not getting off of the LoveSac for a while.  It was so lovely to see signs for Port Angeles and know that I was coming home.   Will we live here forever?  Probably not, but for now its home and has already found a special place in my heart.  Even if I was going to some craphole that I hated it was fabulous to come home to my people and they were happy to see me. 

This is my "don't even think of making me pause my show" face!

Have a stellar weekend loves!

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Angie Bee

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