Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yoga, reviews, and up coming giveaways

  Finally I feel like my yoga practice is coming back.  I have made time in my day to practice several times this week.    The days are getting shorter and fall will be shortly upon us, I can feel it in the air.   We have talked about preparing for being inside more by hanging our monkey rings and yoga swing back up in our new house.   It feels like doing yoga in the wonderful light of my living room is what I should do be doing now that we are settled and the summer is over.

Today was Childs Pose for Grow Soul Beautiful's #yogaaday challenge

  The first day this week that I practiced it was frustrating and I was worried that had lost so much but by the second day I saw huge improvements and a limbering of my body.    I also have started walking to get Archimedes from school in the afternoon.  Its only a 2 mile walk round trip and just the right amount to be lovely and not take too long.   And the view is wonderful!  I can cut through the woods to the park and see the mountains and water.   Its also nice to walk with the wee spawn and talk about his day.

   We are supposed to get a big rainstorm tomorrow however being in the rain shadow, I am curious to see what we will get.  On the cloudy days there have been several hours during the day where the mountains are clear or the water is clear and some blue sky peeks out.   It hasn't been constant gloom.....yet.  We still have the windows open throughout the day.

  I have been working on reviews lately and trying to post more video.    We just got the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit and Archimedes has been incredibly excited about it!  Here is the unboxing.

  Also, I got some Lems shoes in the mail as well as a new pair of the New Balance HI-REZ super minimal shoes.  I got a book about fitness called Fire Your Gym written by one of my fellow Vivobarefoot coaches.  I also got a hoodie and a cap from Outdoor Research.   Cool stuff to check out at   Lems, Snorgtees,  and HI-REZ giveaways are coming up real soon!!! 

I am still going strong with the #handstand365 challenge but its not all the inversions that I do.  I have been working on headstands and forearm stands too.  I have been enjoying embracing the fundamentals and the basics again.  Today standing poses felt very strong and yet arm balances felt weak.  Which is backwards from what I usually feel.   Gotta go with the flow!  Enjoy your weekend loves.  Tomorrow we go to Suquamish for an evaluation for Jupiter.   Im looking forward to the day trip. 

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