Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We are now Washingtonians

  We packed up the van and moved from Iowa to Washington with a month long stay in Salina Kansas with family.    I had visions of blogging often with pithy stories from along the way but I had only enough energy and creative drive to just get by.   I miss our family however I do not miss the midwest.  At all.   We gambled and won with the lovely cool weather.   The meteorological changes that occur daily are fascinating to observe.   We play at the little beach at the pier and take walks to the awesome park down the block.

The pier downtown and a few of the mountains to the south. 

  It took us a while to drive from Kansas to Washington but the route we chose was gorgeous.  I felt a little bit of a breathing difficulty when we got into Wyoming and the elevation was so much higher but it was easy to adjust to.  We drove north to Montana and then west.   Western Montana and Idaho were gorgeous and Eastern Washington was fascinating and beautiful with all the different agricultural crops.

  The boys are fabulous travelers!  We stopped often to stretch legs and the iPads and Nexus 7 kept everyone entertained.  I white knuckled it over the continental divide and my hands and back were so sore the next day from being tense and gripping the holy hell out of the steering wheel!!  It just sort of crept up on me while it was my turn to drive.   I felt like a total super star afterwards!!

  We camped for a few days in an RV park here in Port Angeles when we rolled into town. Our tent was  in the back yard of the guy that owns the park.  We had WiFi, power, nice bathrooms, and laundry facilities.   The tent was mostly comfortable and we had a chance to drive around and look at the different houses for rent.   We discovered that house we are in now is 10 times better than the one we had originally planned to rent and then lost.   It worked out perfectly!

  Now we have a house that we love love love, with lots of kids for our boys to play with next door,  and a mostly normal routine again.  Our grandpa neighbor is a fisherman and gave us a fresh caught salmon the other day.  It was my first time filleting a fish and then poaching it in lemon and pepper.  Freakin fantastic!    I am working hard to get Jupiter signed up for school and get his program going and Archimedes will go to Kindergarten this year at the local elementary school up the road.  Milo and Sam will homeschool with Jaymon.

so many windows and such lovely light!

  Over the last week we have been helping our friend Chris, who is 91, sell and get rid of all of his stuff.   He moved to Ft Myers Florida.  He is a crack up and it was mutually beneficial as he has so much to get rid of and we needed so much.  We came here with only what would fit in and on the van.  We knew what he was going through and we had the time to help him get it all done.

  I wish in hindsight that I would have been able to document and blog more about the trip here and our first couple of weeks.   I have facebooked and posted lots of photos on instagram so do check those out.  Links are below.

   My health is fabulous right now and although I have gained some weight, ugh I am 20 pounds heavier than I was this time last year,  I managed to make it these last 3 1/2 months without "crashing".   Soon I will get back into a daily yoga practice and there are so many places to walk, of which we have been doing daily,  and hopefully soon I will try running a bit again.  I still need to take it slow and steady though for a bit longer.   It has been very stressful and that takes energy to manage too.

  We have mountains to the south and water to the north, which is so weird and backwards!  We can see both from our house.  Our house has plenty of room and loads of windows that let in the most fabulous light.  We have had the doors and windows all open every day that we have been here.  The air smells like trees and ocean.

From our little front porch

  Here are some photos to get you a little caught up and now that I feel more creatively inclined and relaxed I can step out of my shell a bit to share.

  The blackberries are like weeds here!  I adore blackberries and have fond childhood memories of picking them.   I wish that the little spawn would eat them but Samson and Jupiter are big fans!

this was taken out of one of the upstairs rooms

   The mountains playing peekaboo through the clouds.   The fog rolling in and up the mountains is awesome.  Its so amazing to watch the daily weather.

My #handstand365 challenge is still going strong.  Today is day 118!  I love seeing the ships and the mountains across the straight are gorgeous!

I was chosen to be an INKnBURN ambassador again and can now take some pics in my gear!   I have lots of reviews to get caught up on!

  We traveled 2057 miles.  This number includes the first day here in Port Angeles.   We have had quite the adventure.  We took so many risks and lots of leaps of faith that it would all work out and it has all been more than worth it!!  

  Thank you for the support along our way!!!  xoxoxo

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Angie Bee


Jeff Gallup said...

So cool.. enjoy your new home! Love the pics :-)

Julie said...

You sound so happy! The new home looks great and I look forward to many more posts about your new life in Port Angeles!

Anonymous said...

So great!
I would like to be there too.... :-)

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