Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two Giveaways, the Moving Song, and #handstand365 Day 39 and 40

  At the end of the day I sit and contemplate the day and tonight I am so tired from being busy and productive that I'm just ready for the day to be done!  The key to that sentence was the sense of productivity that goes along with the busy.   Its life draining to be super busy and not feel like I got anything done at the end of the day.  That has not been the last week for me and I am not taking it for granted!  

  I'm ready to kick back and watch a couple episodes of Northern Exposure, my latest late night favorite.  It's such a happy show.   I did wait to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode until early this morning as I didn't want that in my head as I slept.  I have read all the books so I knew the red wedding was coming but man, I wish I would have skipped it.  Do you all watch Game of Thrones?  Have you read the books?

  No need to get up early tomorrow as its officially the start of summer and no more early morning alarms!!!  Huzzah!  Heres to more sleep! 
 In other inspirational news,  I've got  the moving song!  Thanks so much to Nope, whoever you are, for the suggestion!  Its called Packing Blankets by the Eels.  

  Tonight between craigslist postings of all that we are getting rid of, I went out to practice for Day 40 of #handstand365 .  My form has much left to be desired BUT I am finding my balance more often.  I felt it in my core and my hands instead of focusing on my feet so much! 

  Here is a link to my spawn and I practicing handstands yesterday for Day 39.   We had a lovely camp fire in the back yard and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and practiced doing cool moves.  PERFECT DAY!

I've got two giveaways going!  One is for a $100 Silver Maple sweepstakes and the other is for a pair of LUV Footwear Dream Flats.  Good luck!

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Angie Bee


AmyC said...

Great handstand!

Christine said...

I love seeing your progress with your handstands. And I love your photos.

nope said...

Happy you liked Packing Blankets! I love passing music along...
I live in Colorado, in a small town in a mountain valley. My running is playing dog agility, and this song came to me by way of a dog agility friend in CA. I mostly listen to the version on their Daisies of the Galaxy album.
Enjoy the ride!

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