Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Sacred Work and #handstand365 Day 37 and 38

  Lately I have been incredibly impatient.  I am also having some MS symptoms, although very mild, they do induce stress and worry.   Its scary however the upside is it puts things into perspective.  You know, it brings me back to my family and my bubble.    We are down to 27 days until our move out of Iowa and we are planning a big garage sale for next weekend and listing stuff on Craigslist.   I am impatient and those that are getting the brunt of my impatience are those that need my patience most.

  Granted it would be great if the wee spawn could successfully wipe their own butts or make their own sandwiches but giving them that responsibility would only increase my work load at the end of the day by cleaning up failed attempts at hygiene and food prep.  Its a mad house already, no need for it to be a messy madhouse. 

  Yesterday we took the spawn, all four of them, its rare these days that they are all together out in the world, to the zoo for Dream Night.  Its an event for special needs kids and their families.   Every one of my boy spawn had a great time with no fighting or complaining of any kind and they got hotdogs and hamburgers, stuffed animals and they had a blast.  Archimedes even exclaimed out of nowhere that he was happy.  He just blurted it out matter of factly,  "Im happy."  It got me thinking that I should say that more often.  I think it but I should say it out loud.  

  One night of sleep passes and I am impatient and out of touch again and the epiphany of the day before is a fuzzy memory.  I know its pretty normal but I don't want it to become habit to become wrapped up in being busy.   Then today I read this article called  On Momotony and Sacred Work as if the universe felt my stress and anxiety and gave me a loving pat on my back.  

  My dad gave me Thich Nhat Hanhs book Present Moment Wonderful Moment years ago which is a book about being mindful during daily seemingly monotonous tasks.  I "got it" but it didn't sink in on a subconscious level but this article did.  It was relevant today on a deep level. 

  The article is along the same lines as Thich Nhat Hanh but she talks about mindfulness in the tasks of being a mother.   So as I plunge our stupid toilette for the 100th time after someone drops an anonymous deuce and as I make a second sandwich for a certain picky little boy that said he wanted it and then changed his mind as it was sat lovingly in front of him and I really just want the little rat to eat.  I will do it with an open heart and appreciate the task at hand.  

  Or when they are fighting and I have to break it up or I am washing their clothes that they clearly wiped their greasy little hands on.  Those hands that still have the cute little dimples on the backs of their knuckles for a few more months hopefully. I will take solace that my fellow child rearing warriors are in it together.   We are not paid or even thanked very often but it is work of the heart that we wear outside ourselves. 

  I will get our stuff sold and given away and I will work to get us moved to the west coast.  All with love in my heart if only to keep insanity at bay.   

This is a pretty typical scene in my household!  Day 37

  My yoga practice has been suffering lately.  I haven't made time for it and it has been raining and there are way too many bugs in the back yard.  None of those are reasons not to practice but it is what it is.  I have been getting in some handstand practice daily.  So there is that.   This is Day 38. 

I still want to know what your summer song is!!  Let me know in the comments!

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Angie Bee


Angela @ Happy Fit Mama said...

Living in the moment is so hard especially when life's "mommy moments" happen. My yoga practice has been suffering too. I'm choosing to change that right now!

Itz Linz said...

love that you still got in your handstand! that picture of everyone doing their own thing (you in a handstand) is awesome! how do you do that one leg bent handstand?? i've been trying to work on that!

Unknown said...

living in the moment is SUCH A DAILY challenge here too---I LOVE how you make time to fit it in.

nope said...

don't know that i would really call it my summer song, but your posts about moving make me think of Packing Blankets by the Eels...

Unknown said...

ltz Linz,
I kick up straight with my dominant leg and then bend the other about half way up with the momentum. I find balancing easier with that variation as well as stag leg. Fun stuff!!

Unknown said...

I like Love of the Loveless by the eels but haven't checked out much else. I will find that song!!
Thanks nope!!

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