Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Impatient and #handstand365 Day 26

  Last night my little Archimedes Supercell was up all night.  He couldn't sleep and then he started throwing up.  The upside is that he is finally mature enough not to be so scared of the whole process and he can at least try to get to an appropriate place to let it fly.

  My whole day has been out of whack.  I was up with him snuggling and taking care and then after I got Jupiter on the bus I went back to bed and slept until 1:30.  So when I woke up I was frustrated.  I have a hard enough time falling asleep at night as it is.  Also my stomach feels a bit dodgy now too.

  I went out to practice handstand earlier and did some Sun Salutations and headstands and it helped tremendously and I even took some probiotics but now I am just feeling impatient waiting to get this whole sick thing over with.  If its going to happen lets just get it going.  Life doesn't work like that though.

  I was feeling impatient with my handstand practice today too.  I know that the power of yoga comes from the process not some arbitrary destination.  Thats a hard thing to grasp on days when I have less tolerance for pretty much everything!  I think that I am stuck because I don't have a strong enough core and can't let my hips go over my shoulders and yet not too far.  I know it will come eventually.  I had some lovely friends remind me today to cool out and do something else for a while and I did and I remembered whats truly important.  I know what my goals are.  I enjoy working on them and I have a plan to improve.  What more is there really?

  Here is a quick little video I did with a core workout to try!  

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