Monday, May 20, 2013

Be Brave and #handstand365 Day 25

    I was participating in a FitFluential chat tonight for Under Armour's Whats Beautiful campaign, of which I think has a great message and not just about selling clothing.  Of course they want to sell stuff but they are doing some positive work to get your money and I like the camaraderie of the women that are participating. 

  Anyways, One of the questions for bloggers was , and I don't remember the exact wording of it,   describe "your personal brand".  I get what they mean and I have tried going in that direction but it didn't feel authentic anymore so I stopped thinking of my blog like that.  So my answer was that I don't consider myself a brand.  I just put myself out there honestly and include my struggles as well as my triumphs and keep trying to grow and let the world see ME as I do so.    

  One of my parenting philosophies is that being the kind of example I want my spawn to see is the most important way to teach them.  Its the same thing with the rest of the world really.  I want people to know that their attitude has a strong impact on  personal growth and happiness so I try and have a positive and calm attitude through my struggles.  It is absolutely not easy but it can be rewarding and wonderful too. 

  I want my sons to be brave and not let fear dictate the path their life takes.  Fear is one powerful tool if you use it right but its also dangerous to the pursuit of happiness.   Now granted, I don't think that happiness is necessarily the most important thing in the world, I think a sense of purpose and direction is,  but thats a whole different subject.  My point is that fear can keep you from seeing what options are out there, what paths there are to take, what possibilities the universe has to offer.  If you can master your fear then you can see and think and feel wisely in all that you do. 

  Putting yourself out there and being committed to growth and self improvement is some scary shit!!  Thats where the bravery comes in.   I will inevitably fail.  Not all the time but it will happen and its often tinged with discomfort..... to say it mildly!  But I keep going and keep moving forward.  Progress is progress no matter how small it may seem.  The fact that you did something is what matters. 

  For bleeps sake, I have MS and adrenal fatigue and yet I am learning to stand on my hands and moving with my family halfway across the country.  Its scary but being scared is fun sometimes too. Its exhilarating  and full of hope.  Its ok to inspire yourself too :)

  So, take a deep breath, give yourself a pep talk, BE BRAVE, and do something you have been wanting to do and fear kept getting in the way.  You've got this!!  Open your heart and your mind will follow.  

  I worked on backbends today which had the added benefit of opening my heart as well.  When I try and do forearm stands and handstands my back is super stiff.  I started working on letting go of that tension today and of course it got me thinking.  

  I am also adding in some more core work in order to improve my handstand.  A strong core is good for the whole self really and I could use a strong center. 
Today was Day 25 of my #handstand365 challenge. 

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Angie Bee

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Anonymous said...

Putting yourself out there and being committed to growth is scary! Fear is always waiting to pounce isn't it. We do grow so much though when we work through that.

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