Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to squat video for Achilles, PF, and Calf health

Do you wear high heels?  Not just stilettos for work but any kind of raised heel shoes, this goes for men too.  Are you a runner that runs in conventional thick padded shoes?   Did you start running barefoot and do too much too soon?  

We don't squat much in the states.  The "campfire squat"  or the "sitting squat" are done rarely and instead we sit in chairs.  This video is about how and why to squat.  You lower legs will appreciate it!

Here is my Previous post on squatting. 

Kids haven't learned bad habits and haven't developed tight legs yet, so take cues from them.  When you bend down to play or hug, squat instead.

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Angie Bee

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