Monday, July 16, 2012

Squat for lengthening the Achilles, PF, and calf muscles, for better barefoot running

   This is a movement that can be done any time of day.  Its how you see people hanging out waiting for a bus or eating a bowl of something yummy in another country.  Here in the US we don't ever squat.  We sit and get all tight and shortened up.  The squat will lengthen the Achilles, Plantar Fascia, and calf muscles.

 My spawn can sit like this all day.  When they are doing something they are often found squatting atop a chair instead of sitting.  We should take notes from the way they move!

Summer time is the perfect time to kick off those high heels, running shoes included, and experience the ground barefoot and lengthen and strengthen.

Some tips for the squat-
~Its fine to bounce at the bottom.
~A 7-10 degree turnout is fine.
~Keep legs about shoulder width apart.
~The key is to keep your weight over the ball of your foot towards your big toe and first metatarsal and not   lean back on your heels.
~It's not as easy as it looks and took some time to get to this, so be patient and keep at it.  It is really common to not be able to get your heel down so don't get discouraged.  I couldn't do it at first either.
~ Booty shorts not required but appreciated by the husband.

Check out some of the other moves I learned from Lee Saxby in my Coaching course!
Here is a post with some photos from a coaching session I did.  We did lots of squats to look this good!
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