Saturday, January 19, 2013

Revolved Crescent Lunge. Bare minimum yoga today

"Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise."
~Ram Dass~

  The theme for the day was to chill out.  I watched shows with Le Hubs for many hours.  I just wanted to sit and do not a whole lot.   I did get up and do some cooking and some yoga but just the bare minimum.   Some days I can't stand to sit still and others, like today, I didn't have much of a choice.   My body and mind demanded a break.  So whats a girl to do?  Watch Bun Heads and then Star Trek.   I have broad taste in TV programs!

  I really hope that someday I will feel perky most of the time instead of feeling tired much of the time.   I know I have felt better but its hard to remember and believe that it will change.  I don't even think I am accurately remembering the ratio of feel good vs crappy days since I am feeling crappy today I think my perspective might be skewed.  I keep having those "what if" thoughts, as in what if I feel like this forever and what if I get worse.    I have to remind myself that my health could be a whole lot worse and I should be happy but some days I want more.  I want to move and not feel fatigue.

  This pitty party post stops now.  You get the idea.  I struggle, you struggle, we all struggle and suffer and it sucks. I want my suffering to make me wise not bitter and I am willing to put in the work.

  On a completely unrelated note, I noticed today that my spawn are all going through a super cute phase. This is a warning sign!!!   They are always attractive to me but they have different looks and I find that the really cute phases coincide with an equally trying phase of boundary testing.    Nature was kind of brilliant like that to offset the jerk behavior with super cute.    I hope that I am becoming a wiser parent.  They are my very favorite people and I want them to be able to find happiness in their lives.

   So, as my super cute spawn played around me, I did the poses for several challenges I am participating in on Instagram.   This is Parivrtta Anjaneyasana or Revolved Crescent Lunge.   I love the long stretch in the back leg paired with the twist.  The balance and support of the lead leg has gotten so much more stable for me.

  Today as I was practicing, and not warmed up much at all.  I just wanted to do a little and then go back to vegging out.  I noticed though that even though I didn't warm up, I was still  comfortable in poses that I used to be so incredibly stiff and uncomfortable in even when I was warmed up.   I can see the progress and I have more of a calm confidence in myself.   I have positive feelings towards my body and what it can do.   I no longer thing that I am just stiff and I was made that way.  I think I can change that and become loose and bendy and strong.   I feel more at ease with myself when I am doing yoga.  Its nice.   Its a byproduct of the work that I have been doing and I like seeing the payoff both physically and mentally.

  I saw these changes and felt similar to this when I was running higher miles but I didn't feel the same mental and emotional centering that I do these days.  I loved my times of running for the meditative quality but it was much harder to get in the zone.  With yoga, new neural pathways are being created and even practicing poses in my head  and envisioning myself doing poses brings me a sense of calm.

  Tomorrow is a new day.  Another chance to appreciate whats around me.

Angie Bee


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about suffering. I've been so in the dumps lately with my foot injury that I was forgetting to look at what's right in my life and focus on that. Well, today is the day for change (actually yesterday it started) and I'm looking forward and remembering all the good things in my life.
Just wanted to say how effortless you make Revolved Crescent Lunge look. I have always struggled with that pose.

Unknown said...

Im sorry you have a foot injury. Thats so hard mentally and emotionally to deal with. Its a lot of work to be positive when it seems the universe is conspiring against us. You will heal and things will get better :) good for you for embracing the positive!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This practice got the best of me. I even injured my foot in doing poses. But that didn't stop me. I wanted to consult a foot doctor NYC but resting my foot is all that I needed.

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