Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reverse Plank for Day 6 Mellow Day

"In a gentle way you can shake the world."

  Thankfully today was a mellow easy day.  I was able to think and just be. No intensity in either direction. A blessed change from yesterdays seemingly unending irritation.  Everyone in my house was mellow and happy too.  All of my spawn were all here and playing together for many hours.  This happens rarely these days now that the almost teen wants to hang at his friends house down the street.  It was nice to send out a kind thought and give my time easily without having to struggle to just keep from yelling.

 Most of my practice was done inside while everyone played the Wii.  I went outside for about 15 or so minutes and it was super cold.   Im glad I have a nice warm house!  I try to not focus too much on wanting to move back to California.  It would just make the cold even colder!  My body definitely functions better in warmth.  It amazes me to see people posting their winter fun pictures.  I enjoyed the sun and fresh air even if my lungs ached by the time I was done.

  The more I did this pose the better it felt.  The pose for day 6 of the Humble Beginnings Yoga instagram challenge is Purvottasana or Upward Plank pose.   It opens the heart and is nice for balancing out back bends. 

Angie Bee

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