Saturday, January 5, 2013

Extended Puppy Pose and compassion in everyday life

"True Compassion does not come from wanting to help out those less fortunate than ourselves but from realizing our kinship with all beings."

― Pema Chödrön,

  I knew this was coming but it was hard to accept when the last few days have been full of sunshine and happy self discovery and growth.  Today was the day to work on implementing what I have learned the last few days on an "everyday" sort of basis.   Subtle profundity in the mundane is where most life is lived.  Enjoying the small things and coping with everyday stress, like living with other people.

  The kids were driving me nuts.  The youngest spawn were fighting and bickering and I yelled at both of them and we all felt miserable.  I kept thinking of compassion but my irritation kept winning out.   So some hugs were given and tickles and I ended up having a nice little practice after an afternoon of playing Super Mario Bros with the superhero husband.  

  We bought the boys a Wii yesterday and then they were grounded from said Wii for being jerks to each other.  Archimedes got so frustrated with Milo (who is 2 years older) that he punched him in the neck.  It was quite a punch and quite unacceptable and Milo was grounded as well for antagonizing Archimedes.   Those two play together as hard and as much as they fight and today they were CRAZY!  They are going to bed super early, their idea, with the logic that they will wake up early and get to play.  Its not working out so well though as I can hear them giggling in the other room!

  So how does one really stay calm and think of the other persons perspective, find that compassion,  when it all seems so very loud.  I was irritated with the Superhero this morning too.  Everyone was in an "Im right" mode, including me.  When I let it go and decided that maybe I was mistaken and not as right as I thought I was it all fell into place and the stress left.  It just didn't matter if I was right or not.  I guess I answered my own question.

  Compassion is a tough gig.  It sounds all warm and fuzzy but its tricky and hard work.

The superhero really liked watching me practice this one :)

  I worked on Uttana Shishosana  Extended Puppy pose, runners pose, and Pincha Mayurasana for challenges today.  You can check out the posts here or on my facebook page too.  I am really stoked about the Pincha Mayurasana!  It was the first time I got into it.  I have been too afraid up until today to really kick my feet up to the wall.  I just had to have something work today so I jumped right into the one that was the scariest and I felt balance!  I even got off the wall for several breathes and felt rooted and grounded in my arms.  Good stuff!

  The Extended Puppy Pose is the pose for Humble Beginings Yoga's challenge and the intention for the first week that accompanies the asanas is Compassion.  All of the poses are heart openers which is what I needed today for sure.  Its amazing how my practice gives such a relief and different perspective to help me deal.

Angie Bee

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