Thursday, January 24, 2013

Deaf Man Pose is about looking within to beat the claustrophobia

  Jupiter had to have a space maintainer take out yesterday so we took a road trip to Iowa City.  He goes to the Pediatric Dental Clinic at the college as they have a great program for kids with special needs.  I felt great all day and the spawn are excellent travelers.  As soon as we got home, I felt like total dookie.  I did some late night yoga and it made me feel better but it was a struggle to get started but I felt so much better after just doing a few Sun Salutations and the various challenge poses.  As always though, I have yet to regret yoga.

  I felt the same craptacular sluggishness this morning.  I even had to take a nap.  Booo!  The nap was great but the struggle is the depression that comes with not feeling well.  As the day wore on I started feeling much better.  I am finding that taking a magnesium supplement, I take Natural Calm, does wonders for this foggy brained feeling I get.  It seems to help with flushing out toxins.

  Today's pose was the Deaf Mans Pose.  Not my favorite.  It makes me feel quite claustrophobic.   This weeks intention is Gaze and Focus.  I didn't see how this fell into the Gaze and Focus category.  So I warmed up and did the pose and then after posting it to instagram, I read that others have the same claustrophobic feelings.  It was suggested that imagining wide open spaces helps.  Now I want to try again to see if I can focus and find a sweet spot.  The Gaze and Focus seems to be about looking inward instead of outside of myself.  That is something I indeed need to practice.   The blame game is my nemesis.  The upside is I know where the work lies.

Karnapidasana Deaf Mans Pose

  I practiced doing handstands and Pincha Mayurasana and those were the kind of Gazing and Focusing I really wanted to work on.  Sometimes I need inspiration as to what asanas or areas of my body I should be working on.  Today however I had goals and I nailed them!   I practiced handstand in the middle of the room.   I did have the superhero spot me as I am afraid of crashing over.  He only had to catch me once and it was awkward and I realized that I didn't need him there anyways.   

  It was cool that he was the one that said I really didn't seem to need him there.   There are days when I don't feel well and can't think straight and he does take care of me and I do need him. Really need him.    Its refreshing for my mind and soul to feel strong on my own.  I appreciate him beyond words but my fiery Aries side also needs to stand on my own and  even better stand on my hands! 

  The oldest spawn was watching and wanted to try handstands too.  He is a ball of hormones and frustration and being weak and not athletic was super frustrating for him. I am aware of his ego and didn't want to bruise it.  Hell, he can't wait to just be taller than me!   He did try headstand and handstand but didn't want to listen to my advice.  I insisted that he practice safely of which he did heed but he didn't like it.   I hope that he didn't get too frustrated to try again.   He used to practice Capoeira  but hasn't for a while.  I can only hope to inspire and hope that he gets moving more.  He does ride his bike so there is that. 

Arda-Chandrasana with Pada-Hastasana or Half Moon with Hands to Feet Pose

  Im glad that Warrior II was today on the challenge calendar.  I need to feel strong and capable some days more than others.  Today was one of those days.   I come around to appreciating what I have but some days I just want to drop it all and move to the beach thinking that will solve all the "problems" that I have.  Someday I might do just that but for now I will practice in my cozy little home with my family all around me and remember that warmer days are ahead.

Virabhadrasana II  Warrior II 

  This gem came up on the playlist while I was practicing tonight.  Enjoy!


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