Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yoga Side Crow Pose Variation and Barefoot Walk

  I couldn't quite talk when I was trying this pose as it took all my concentration just to hold it but it is getting easier and so much fun!  I am doing the #YogaADay October Challenge and although this pose is not on the list, arm balances are more my strengths.

  Its great when I can get descent pictures of my strengths but oh my.  Later this month there are some poses that I am abysmally tight.  Its a work in progress and I am not afraid to share, really its all about inspiring myself and others, but we all know how much nicer it is to put out pictures of ourselves that don't make us cringe too much!

  I have been having really great luck with finding short and thorough explanations on YouTube of each of the poses in the challenge as well as poses that I have issue with or just think look rad.


  Earlier this afternoon  the superhero and I took the oldest spawn and two youngest spawn on a walk down a lovely paved bike trail up the road from our house.  Of course they bitched and moaned because we didn't go to a "park"  but I think they still had a good time.  Lots of running about and leaf collecting.  We don't need no stinkin parks!  We can play anywhere.

  This year has been rough.  Between everyone getting sick for a couple months this spring and then a freak hot summer and my MS struggles, we have been in the house way too much and all of us benefited from being out this afternoon checking out side trails and enjoying the fresh air.

Samson, the oldest spawn, is our photographer, and Jupiter was off doing SCL.
Someday we might get a whole family picture.   This was right before we ditched the shoes!

  We all took our shoes off on the last half of the two mile walk.  Lovely neural stimulation through the feet.  Just around the bend from our van a German Shepherd came dashing out of the weeds barking and heading right for my little Milo.  I saw it first as I was in the way of Jaymons line of sight of the dog and I moved towards Milo and gave a super LOUD "HO" (it was a "hey" and "No" combo when it came out)  and the dog stopped.  Good for the dog it stopped because between Jaymon and I, we have NO TOLERANCE for loose dogs when we are out with the boys and that dog would have been very Frakkin sorry if it would have persisted.

  We were on a frequently traveled bike path so it was completely out of line to have a loose aggressive dog.  The dog ran off to his house when his owner called and his owner must have heard me yell.  I assume he also heard us cussing him for being so irresponsible and rude having an aggressive loose dog.  I was reassured  and proud of myself that my subconscious reaction to seeing a large dog charge my son, my gut reaction, was so firm and badass!  Damn dog scaring my boys.  It did not however ruin our walk.  It was a reminder to go over scenarios in my mind as to how to deal with aggressive dogs.

 When we got home my back was a little tired so I decided to do some yoga and of course I couldn't help but try some arm balances.  I did work on my tight hip flexors and opening my hips but I did have some fun too.   The boys always get inspired and want to play too.   Milo has gotten really good at his headstand and Archimedes loves the pretzel!

  Did I have a million things today that I thought I should have got done?  I thought so before the walk.  I do know that I need to manage my time better  as I have a stack of reviews to write and a stack of blog posts to put out but I am proud of having grown and am able to prioritize well.  Family first!  We do fun and inspiring things together and I never regret it.  I did read 4 or 5 books to them right before we went on our walk so there was that too.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!!   Do you have a hard time prioritizing especially when it comes to work and blogging?  How do you deal with aggressive dogs?  Oh yeah,  Jaymon and I were talking about running and I feel really close to giving it a little go.  Maybe just up the block and back......

Check out the Barefoot Angie Bee facebook page and more pictures here! 

Angie Bee


KovasP said...

How exciting a possible run is in the works! Those yoga poses are what's making you a badass. :)

misszippy said...

You are one strong mama there doing that pose! Very impressive.

Fingers crossed for a good run for you, however small it might be!

Kevin Fernandez said...

Oh! great. You are doing it awesome, i think you are practicing yoga everyday. It has many benefits, it improves concentration, increases immunity, relaxes the mind and keeps you fit and active all the time.

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