Monday, September 10, 2012

Homeschool thoughts and yoga with the boys

  Homeschooling is going well for us this year.  Milo is blossoming and his reading is coming along nicely. Its mellow to homeschool.  We sit on a LoveSac and talk and read.  Much learning for children is watching their parents.  Jaymon and I sit and talk sometimes for hours with the boys playing around us. Sam, my oldest, sits and listens or even participates now.  They see how we interact and listen to the things we discus.

  The boys also will come and work out anytime Jaymon or I do anything fun looking.  Yoga, playing on the monkey rings, jumping on the trampoline, gets them all fired up!  Milo learned the poses of a Sun Salutation by watching and doing yoga with us.

  Another healthy, and today unintended, motivator was the arrival of a new yoga mat and the intense jealously the four year old felt.   Milo and I have been doing yoga together and Archimedes has just been watching and sometimes trying a little but quickly moves on to other things.  Its the same with homeschool.  He is 4 and not old enough yet to really do anything specific but he soaks a lot up by being around us and listening and I let him participate when he shows interest but I don't push anything.

  So the arrival of this beautiful new orange sunset yoga mat was fun but Milo wanted to do yoga on it and I wouldn't let Medes just play on it.  Archimedes was not happy about this.   A few hours later Archimedes suddenly wants to do yoga too.  I had checked out a book called My Daddy Is a Pretzel: Yoga for Parents and Kids and they said they wanted to read the book together and try the poses on the new mat.  I jumped at the teaching opportunity even though I was enjoying looking at pictures of New York Fashion Week.  Gotta take those teaching moments when they come!

  They did so well!  Milo loves the plow and Medes loves the pretzel.  I was amazed at Archimedes' body awareness.  Much better than I would have guessed of him.   I overhead Milo tell Archimedes "you have to say Namaste before you start".   Now I may need another yoga mat.

Do you do yoga with your spawn?  Check out this review of the Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures on Youtube.  The boys love them!



Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I'm doing PreK with my 4 yr old and his attention span is short. When he was in a group it was a bit easier to get him to focus. I think the competition factor helped in that setting.

Over the years the kids have come and gone from doing yoga with me. My oldest only when he was very little, then my daughter was into it for a while. I hope she will come back to it as she get close to those teen yrs. I think it helps so much in dealing with all the extra emotions she will have to handle. As for the little guy he is up for anything. His balance often has him on the floor but I know he has fun when he can focus long enough to practice with me. Whether it's or 30 minutes or 3 I figure it all helps expose them to something they may enjoy later in life and sure can help them now.

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