Monday, July 2, 2012

VIVOBAREFOOT Ultra Review and giveaway

   I am still working on the video review of the Ultras.  Bloody hell. Its been a mess trying to get the video review done.  My tripod only works on two of the three legs so I have the third leg held up with yoga blocks.  My spawn were loud and jeesh the birds were crazy loud in my back yard.  The light was fabulous but I kept stumbling over "vivobarefoot Ultras" and had to keep starting over and my goodness could I say "Um" any more!!   Then my phone decided it didn't have any more storage so I got half a video and just kept rambling on only to find out it wasn't even rolling.   Last but not least my neighbors decided to let their dogs out so there were dogs, kids, birds, and me stuttering. Oi.   Tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day.

 I did however just posted a written review to BAB Reviews of the fabulous Vivobarefoot Ultras and am hosting a GIVAWAY of a pair of Ultras!

  Today was a good day.  I ate some Iowa sweet corn and was quite productive otherwise.  My super hero hubby just loves to take those stealthy photos.  Now that is some sweet corn food porn.

groan, its so good!
Also I found my goggles and helmet.  Now everyone randomly wants a turn to wear them about.   Awesomesauce. I love my family!

Angie Bee

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Johann said...

I'm trying to get some videos done myself and also while running but I am not good at it and really battle. I love the goggles!

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