Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ab Challenge anyone?

  Amanda from Run to the Finish is one of my favorite bloggers and she is hosting an Ab Challenge for the month of July.  You sign up, get support from fellow challengers, and work that core!

  The challenge is done by watching and doing the exercises from youtube videos by Strong Like Susan.   I love the structure and idea of watching and doing a video every day and the motivational support of doing it with others.  I have noticed that I am slouching more lately and feel like my core is weak.  I have also lost some of the winter pounds and wouldn't mind some abs showing a bit.  Its a secondary reason but everyone wants abs like EMZ right!!

 How about you?  Ever done a 30 day or longer challenge before?  One of my favorite parts of the body are the obliques.  Sexy sexy!  Hope to see you at the facebook page.



Unknown said...

Lots of ladies responded to my Facebook post! Who else is in?

Pattie said...

I will try Angie Bee!

Janice said...

Given that I'm not running due to an injured achilles tendon, I think I'm in. I'm trying to stay positive and take this time to heal and focus on other things -- road biking, swimming, mountain biking & now a strong core!

Thanks for sharing:)

Coach Jen said...

I am in, did Day 1 yesterday not so bad but Day 2 today was tough!

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