Monday, July 9, 2012

Curiosity Rovers Seven Minutes of Terror

  I think I am going through some kind of midlife crisis sort of crap.  Its not a surprise considering the year I have had.  Even though I am feeling pretty good considering, I still get kind of depressed and wonder what the hell I am doing. So, I geek out. Try to take a break from my head and think of something else for a while.

   I watched an episode of Nova Science Now on Hulu  hosted by the awesome Neil deGrasse Tyson and felt much better.  It didn't cure my blues but took the edge off.  I mean, how could you not get inspired by brilliant lovely human beings growing organs in a lab. They figured out that you can take an organ, say a heart, and dissolve away all of the cells but leave the scaffolding. Then they put another persons cells on the scaffolding and the person receiving the transplant won't reject the new heart. flippin brilliant.  I thought this kind of thing was only still in the dreaming and theorizing phase but they are thinking that this could be available for people in years, not decades.

    I think about how cool our insides work and the  I start to think about space and space exploration.  It makes my problems and woes seem insignificant and manageable next to how to get a rover landed on Mars.

The Curiosity rover will be landing on Mars on August 5th.  According to NASA, it will breach the atmosphere and have only seven minutes to land safely and will be the most impressive and advanced planetary landing to date.

 "The landing sequence alone requires six vehicle configurations, 76 pyrotechnic devices, the largest supersonic parachute ever built, and more than 500,000 lines of code. It's such an intense undertaking that the scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, call itThe Seven Minutes of Terror." ~Gizmodo


 Follow Curiosity Rover on Twitter here.

Angie Bee


Ludo said...

Running barefoot sounds easy compared to that ;-)

Johann said...

I always follow all the space goodies and happenings! It is so awesome!

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