Thursday, June 14, 2012

stellar Vivobarefoot app to learn good form

   Vivobarefoot just launched a new running form app!  This is pretty stellar.   It's a really sweet app that the geek can't help but totally embrace. Can't deny the geek!  It is really a great tool for any runner.  I have yet to see an app that offers such specific applicable detail to help a runner with form.

   In my coaching I teach how to perfect your running skill using the tool of barefoot running.  The foundation is based on video analysis of the runner's form, doing drills specifically to target issues I see or issues the runner has expressed having, and learning the specific aspects of the mantra Posture, Rhythm, Relax.  This app comes close but not quite to putting coaches out of business if one is really motivated!!  It inspires and make you want to work on form and gives a good place to start which is absolutely what I want to see runners embracing.

  I have found that the most enjoyable people to coach have been the injured runners.  They have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  They are open to new ideas and are already starting from scratch so they can build a solid foundation.

  It will take time to change your form.  Your body will need weeks if not months to stretch, lengthen, strengthen, and adapt to new ways of moving but this app is a fine place to start. It will show you where you are and where you want to get to.

  The app allows you to see examples of "good" and "bad" running form.  It also lets you video yourself and compare to their examples.   If I had known about this app as a newbie barefoot runner I would have jumped all over it.  It makes an excellent starting point for runners and coaches to work together to increase efficiency and reduce injury.

  One of  THE COOLEST THINGS I have experienced has been seeing myself run on video and then seeing myself run again on video after working on my form.  It truly is eye opening and inspiring.  Humbling too, now that I think about it.  There is no denying what you see on video since what you see is never what you think you look like in your head.  It's an honest unbiased assessment of where you are so then you can decide on where you want to go.

  Need help with getting you from where you are to where you want to be?  As always, got questions??  Always willing to help out those who want to perfect their running skill.
  Also Check out Natural Running Coaching.  We do virtual coaching as well as in person coaching.

Angie Bee

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Two Rivers Treads said...

Love it. Lee Saxby is awesome and one of our favorites. Sounds like a cool app! Keep going barefoot. TRT

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