Monday, June 25, 2012

Planting flowers with the wee fella, the finer things in life.

  My youngest spawn, Archimedes (4), has really blossomed lately.  He is interested in so many things and delves into the details and workings of his interests. He has been fascinated with growing things.  I was given some Petunias and he was so excited to get them in the ground.

  Planting some Petunias with the wee fella is definitely on my list of the finer things in life.

  How is your summer planting going?  I haven't planted much, other than some volunteer tomatoes of which the planting I did equated to not digging them up and watering occasionally, have been given so much produce that I don't think I needed to and actually feel like I was doing the giver of produce a favor for taking it off their hands!

Angie Bee

1 comment:

Emz said...

you so freaking rock.

I am pretty sure I haven't planted anything in at least 6 years. :(

Love petunias.
you are awesome.

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