Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Make Good Art. Neil Gaiman's Commencement speech.

  I have been a Neil Gaiman fan for quite some time now.  Presently I am reading the Sandman comics of which I adore. A little late in discovering them but perfect timing for me.  I have tried before to like comics and graphic novels but not until Sandman did I see, actually see, how wonderful this medium could be.  Now I have two giant volumes of collected Sandman comics sitting on my desk waiting to be cracked open again.  He gives me places to wander and maybe get lost for a while.

  When this video was posted on facebook by a friend of whom I very much appreciate her point of view, I was eager to learn from one of my favorite artists.  What I learned was to enjoy what I am doing and make good art, whatever that art may be.  Enjoy the ride.

  I have dabbled in art here and there since I was a wee lass.  I have painted, made jewelry, blown glass (my favorite), thrown pots, taken photos, and went through phases.  I made some money blowing glass but blew it all.  Most of the art I have made came into existence because I was inspired or felt compelled in some way to make it and not a penny was made but it made me happy.

 Over the years I have come to accept that art comes in many different forms and is loosely defined.  Making art comes easy for me.  I feel it and love it in many ways regardless of whether its "good" or not.

 These days I write in this blog.   Often my art is drawing things for my spawn to color in and it makes me happy.  I love to take pictures and am inspired  to explore that further and maybe break some inner taboos.  Recently I blew  out an egg and painted it just because I had a pretty duck egg.   I am fascinated by math and biology in art or art in math and biology.  I have a couple of top bar bee hives to make and in making them I hope to learn some more building skills.   There is no shortage of desire of which I am quite thankful for.

  The opportunities and ways in which one can send their art out into the world is exploding and changing and it is invigorating.  So many things to explore.  So much I can do right now even on the days when my body and circumstances might make me feel stuck.  I can still make good art.

Angie Bee

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