Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jambu Nottingham Boot Review

I am quite frankly afraid of winter.  Using that sense of  impending doom as motivation to find clothing and shoes to help me be more comfortable this winter has been fun so far.
I was asked by Jambu to try out a pair of shoes from their "barefoot" line and I chose the Nottingham boot.
When I think of a barefoot shoe I think of a flat soled shoe.  
These are not flat but fitted however they do hot have a raised heel.

These are shaped like the foot but if you don't have the right shaped foot they might not fit right.  
If you have wide feet they might not work for you.
They fit about a half size small for me in length and a comment on Zappos said the same. (see below for Zappos info)
There are smooth and soft on the inside with no seams that rub uncomfortably on my feet and I have been wearing them with and without socks.
There is very thin removable liner.

  The lower part of the boot is Nylon  the rest is fabric knit from ankle to upper calf. Very warm and comfortable over all.
The Nylon area is water resistant.
They are 13" tall and can be rolled up or down.

These are flexible and move with the foot.
I couldn't roll them all the way up due to the upper shaft of the boot getting in the way however the sole is quite flexible.
You can see from the bottom photo that the sole of dense rubber sits at the arch area.  If you are familiar with the Merrell barefoot line then you will know what I mean by having the rubber in the arch area.  It's not supportive and I forget its there after a little while of wearing them.

Super easy to pull on and off with tabs at the sides to grab a hold of.
The soles offer great traction for different terrains and are quite attractive as well.  
I have worn them on walks through slippery fall leaves and I felt secure.
"A blend of rice husks and natural rubber make these outsoles eco friendly and sustainable."
The knit area kept my ankles and calves quite warm and I really like the style and colors.  
They are available for purchase at many online places and Zappos had them listed for $123.  They seem well made and would last for more than just one season.
Zappos ships free both ways so purchasing from there allows for trying them on.


Anonymous said...

Wow those, I love those!!! I HATE winter.. sock, shoes UGH!!!!!!!!! Those are beautiful!

Molly said...

those look perfect for this time of year!

Nikki Kendall said...

Those are actually really cute!

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