Wednesday, November 2, 2011

100- Up for "good" barefoot running?

  I saw this posted on facebook today and wanted to know YOUR thoughts on this.

 When I coach I do lots with the hamstring firing to the back.  You know like when you were a kid and used to run and try to kick your own butt?  It's to get in touch with the feeling of firing that hamstring and not bringing the knee way up. while simultaneously getting in touch with where on the foot to land.
  When I try the 100 ups I over stride....I think I can incorporate it somewhere as it certainly can be felt in my core. I am challenged to balance and keep an upright posture with my head.

  I am dubious that taking this out on the street will make it impossible to run wrong. thats far too big of a generalization but definitely enticing to get people to think and explore.
 My healthy dose of skepticism and questioning is hopefully keeping me balanced.
I do believe without a doubt that running form is key. how you get that form....well that's the big fun question!!!
There is no quick fix after years of running in padded cushioned running shoes.  It takes practice.
I agree that running smooth and lite is very important.

What do you all think?
Angie Bee

P.S.  Thank you Christopher McDougall for the blog fodder.
Here is an article also recently done by McDougall with interesting diagrams.

  I am loving the comments!  I am learning so much and my brain is getting a stellar workout!
I like Ben's comment about where to land.

"Cucuzzella didn’t like it as a teaching method — he loved it. “It makes so much physiological and anatomical sense,” he said. “The key to injury-free running is balance, elasticity, stability in midstance and cadence. You’ve got all four right there.”
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