Friday, November 4, 2011

Star Wars, Tractor Tires, and Dr. Mark Cucuzella's kid running Video

  Today as we were driving to the park we saw some tractor tires half buried in someone's backyard that brought back fond memories of my childhood. I went to school from 1st through 3rd grade (I skipped Kindergarten and went right to first) in a one room school house that was part of our church in Northern California. Burried half deep in the huge yard were three tractor tires in descending size yards from an awesome tree house.

  We would sit atop our Tauntaun tractor tires and debate the critical topics in life like how to save the day from the Empire. It was often a mad dash to the tree house Millennium Falcon with ducking and weaving strides and close misses from laser blasts while swinging stick light sabers and roaring like Wookies.
We were pretty badass!

  It used to be common kid knowledge that it's harder to run in shoes. Oh the epic battles I had with my mother on this topic. You would surely be blasted to smithereens by a storm trooper if you wore silly strappy sandals and couldn't run like the wind. Good Lord did the woman really want me dead at first recess all because fashion dictated little girls wore strappy sandals?

  As you can probably guess it was pretty laid back at my little school and we were barefoot often in the warm months and I was indeed victorious in the shoe battle with my mother. It helped that I have to struggle to remember my father ever wearing shoes so I think I had an ally.

  As an adult I often watch my own spawn play and it brings up fond memories but I am thinking more from a parents perspective and enjoying their childhood. When I run barefoot though, that takes me back. I can remember and feel again as I did running as a wee lass and it never fails to make me smile. All of my senses are heightened and I am free to get lost in running daydreams. The day dreams are now more often inspired by running through space and time with The Doctor but the sensations are the same.

  My body remember what it was like to run as a kid. It's like a deep buried treasure of skill that barefoot unearths. Yeah it sounds corney as all get out...haha, see how I did that :) There is wisdom in watching children run. We often think that children have a shallow frame of reference and that wisdom comes with age however bad habits come with age too. Notions and ideas accumulate on our journey to adulthood that are increasingly hard to let go of.

  Check out this video of happy fast kids running on the Natural Running Center's site that was posted by Dr. Mark Cucuzella and then maybe go out and run from some space aliens.

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Jeff Gallup said...

Awesome video! running barefoot is being a kid again... and these kids have it down.. thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! My kids are barefoot as much as possible. Your kids are lucky to have their own coach as a mom!

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