Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Red Bus, Protesters, Superhero's half marathon

  On Wednesday afternoons I get to spend some one on one time with the youngest spawn.  It was a chilly fall day.  Coffee at Starbucks by the Library first and then we caught  the "red bus", which is the shuttle bus that goes around downtown Des Moines.  We rode to the Natural History Museum and looked at the rocks and the mammoth.
  We got brochures about the trains in Boone Iowa. I too love trains but to a 3 year old it was quite special.   We caught the red bus back to pick up Samson and Milo at the Central Campus at the other end of downtown after their home instruction program's classes.  As we waited for the bus we stood with a man that kept saying "come on bus!  boooaaahhh. Come on bus...boooaaaahh"  He didn't strike me as being unstable in a scary way just odd.  I did however find myself saying in my mind "come on bus....booooaaahhh"  as we stood in the chilly wind waiting.

 After picking up Sam and Milo we all rode the shuttle the long way through downtown again looking at all of the chilly people.  The bus was so warm I had to take my coat off.  The vent was right under my seat.  Glad I had deodorant on!

  On the way home from our lovely afternoon we stopped and dropped off pastries and bread to the Occupy Des Moines  protesters in the park just up the road from the Capital Building.  They have quite a few tents set up and the spawn were very impressed with camping in the park.

  While we were out downtown, Jaymon took Jupiter to his therapy in Altoons.  Jaymon got in a run of a couple of miles.   This was his "get the kinks out" run.  He ran the Des Moines half marathon this weekend.  It was his first half and he did an excellent job!!!  He came in at 1:49 barefoot in a kilt!

  I sadly did not run however I volunteered at the finish line and saw him come in with his kilt flying showing a sexy amount of thigh and that handsome look of determination on his sweaty face.  I got to put the medal around his neck.  It took him a few minutes to realize it was me as he was quite out of breath.  It was a stellar finish with negative splits.  According to his results he passed over 200 people and now knows that maybe he should start closer to the front next time!

  I hope everyone had great races this weekend!  Did you race?  How did it go?


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