Monday, October 3, 2011

Interview with Lee Saxby "the worlds best barefoot running coach"

Lee Saxby, my barefoot running coach mentor, did an interview while in NYC for the Barefoot Run, with Will Sanchez for Gotta Run.

Lee gives some background about himself as well as the ideas behind skillful movement.  He talks about coaching and why its important.  We are 40 strong now!   Teaching skillful movement to the people!!!

Lee Saxby is considered the best Barefoot Running Coach in the world. Frustrated by the high rate of injuries by runners, Lee turned to evolutionary medicine to master meaningful cues based on his biomechanics training to help all humans to skillfully move their bodies. Natural Movement is not just for runners!


John Welty said...

Thanks for sharing this Angie! Very interesting.

Caity said...

He's simply the best. I'm so impressed with Saxby's work. Thanks for sharing this video, Angie!

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