Tuesday, March 1, 2011

an update of sorts

I ran today.  It was hard.  I have been sick for going on two weeks and have not been sick to this magnitude in years.  It feels like my Midi-Chlorians were zapped and sucked out of  me.  The flu is no joke and at least I can say that everyone in the family was on the mend before I succumbed to the illness so I was able to take care of them before I was down and out.

I ran 3 miles today and even had to walk up a hill that over the last year has become so easy for me.  Both my ego and my head were throbbing after my jaunt.  I did run it barefoot so it wasn't completely unenjoyable just left wanting.  I had to start somewhere though and three miles is it.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get back out there.

Over the winter I have been testing out all kinds of cool stuff and am going to be posting a ton of reviews soon.  Winter is review time of year for shoes and then when spring has sprung the shoes come off for the warm season however I have the winter's reviews still to come and will get those all out in March.

My son Jupiter is my 9 year old son who has autism.   He loves Camp Sunnyside here in Des Moines that is run by our local Easter Seals.  Jupiter spends the weekend at camp  every other weekend throughout the school year.  This year he is an Ambassador and we are raising money for Walk With Me which is the event coming up in April here in Des Moines.   It is a walk and 5k run to raise money for our local Easter Seals.   90% of each dollar stays here in Iowa so this is a charity that I am passionate about.

I have a raffle that will be going up in the next few days as well as some giveaways and if you donate to Easter Seals  you get extra entries to the giveaways and can purchase raffle entries.
I have a size medium Sport Kilt with buckles and sewn down pleats, Road IDs, Nuun, Barefoot Runners Society bumper magnets ect to put up for winning so stay tuned!

Heres to spring coming!
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