Friday, February 4, 2011

Mini Sport Kilt review and Mens T-shirt giveaway!

  Have you worn a kilt before?  Have you ran in one or hiked or just lived in a kilt?  If the answer is NO then you are missing out!  My super sexy husband loves his Spork Kilt to run barefoot in and says that it is the best freedom of all to run bare!  My friend Forey has 5 Sport Kilts and swears by them.
Seamus as sent me a Mini Kilt in the Ancient Hunter tartan to rock in 2011.  This kilt has buckles on the sides and sewn down pleats.  I also have a hiking kilt that I was wearing last year.
This is what the site says about the Mini Kilt
"A short and sexy Women's Mini Kilt with a 14" length.  Each comes standard with pleats all around the backside, a flat front panel in the front, an inside stash pocket, a secure velcro closure, some elastic in the waistband for adjustability, and of course, our exclusive poly-blend, machine washable material which has a soft feel, and holds a pleat very well."

  I love how the waist is adjustable and the sewn down pleats are brilliant!  The buckles add to the badassery and it goes with everything!  Being machine washable makes it perfect for this gal that can barely stay on top of laundry as it is.

  Even though its cold I think my hat and Empire sweatshirt go well with my kilt and tights and although you can't see them my big ol Merrell boots too.   This particular tartan has the perfect blend of colors and the name Ancient Hunter jumped out at me.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture but it also goes well with my Barefoot Runners Society t-shirt.   Seamus custom made my Mini Kilt at 13" since I am on the tallish side and I didn't think that the Ultra Mini  at 12" would be long enough to hide my nether regions and yet still be hot!

 "Founded in 1995, Sport Kilt is the very first company to begin making casual kilts in the USA. We took the traditional kilt concept and crafted a casual kilt using modern materials. It is a perfect fit for the needs of Highland Athletes and casual-kilt aficionados alike. Sport Kiltoffers an option for people looking for a tartan (plaid) kilt that is less expensive, comfortable, lighter, and durable, yet machine washable. Athletes around the world love competing in Sport Kilts and, as a result, we have earned the endorsement of the Scottish American Athletic Association. Kilts are becoming increasingly popular for everyday wear, and we are proud to be the leader of that trend."

Curious about who wears kilts?  Check out the Wall of Fame at the Sport Kilt sight.  You might see some familiar faces in the Hashers, Hikers, and Runners section!
back of the t-shirt
  There was a surprise in the package that I want to pass on to one of you.  Its a size medium Real Men Wear Kilts T-shirt!
Here are the rules to the T-SHIRT giveaway.  Leave a separate comment for each thing that you do as each will be an entry into the drawing which I use to choose the winner.

  • Become a follower of this blog and if you already are let me know
  • go to the Sport Kilt facebook page. Like them and leave a comment on their page
  • blog, tweet, facebook, this giveaway and let me know you did and you can leave a comment for each that you do.
  • If you read the books that my desktop features you get an extra entry!

This giveaway will run until Friday February 11th. 

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