Saturday, December 4, 2010

Very cold running

I set out today to get a solo run in.   Don't get me wrong, I love running with the hubster, but I really need to have my solo runs.  Its good for my mental and emotional health to have that bit of solitude.  It was like being with an old friend again.  No traffic, clean roads, beautiful view, and time to go at my pace and find the void.

  I realized while out that despite the cold ,24 degrees to be exact, I was very happy and content.  I looked forward to returning home and watching shows on Hulu with my dear one and drinking some hot coffee.  I didn't feel an urgency to hurry or to get away from the discomfort.  I just enjoyed running and I think I may have forgotten that feeling over the couple of months.  I have been stressing about things that really don't matter as much as I am making them out to matter in the grand scheme of things.   I get competitive though and need to reign that in.  I have some contract work that has been frustrating and not going the way I had envisioned.

  I have to remind myself often that worrying and stressing about something will not make it go a certain way just because I have thoroughly wasted myself with stress.  My imagination runs wild and even if things go exactly how I imagine them, I am still going to be fine.  I have all I need and want right here.  I know this but when I am out there running alone out in the world I am reminded of it in a perspective that seems to stick longer.

   On my run I worked on my form today and focused on relaxing my feet.  I noticed that my core needs some strength training and I am slouching when I run.   When I am more upright my foot pain is not as sharp. The wind blowing head on made me lean into it and the pain got worse after that exaggerated lean.   I think I have a whole body unbalance and I think its from the minimal shoes I have been wearing lately.  My ankle didn't hurt at all while wearing my VFF Treks today and they were surprisingly warm. It was dry so that helps tremendously in keeping the piggies warm.  I am still testing but thinking I need to ditch the shoes although this is more difficult now that its winter.  So far socks have been the most comfortable minimal option. 

I am thinking that 24 with wind is not too cold to be out running.  I came home and took a hot shower, drank some hot coffee, and am now hanging out with my boys.  Jupiter is at Camp Sunnyside weekend and as always I miss him when he is gone although I know he is unwinding and having fun.  Going to watch some Outer Limits with the dear one and RELAX!!

Stay warm and happy running friends!


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

My little fell asleep on the couch so I ran inside...again. It was nice and calm out here today. I enjoy the briskness when the wind is calm.

Glad you got your solo run in. I'm hoping for one tomorrow. I need the destressing.

Ramblin" Dan said...

Hi Angie Bee,

I've been enjoying your blog, and found this post particularly relevant to my own experience. I've recently begun barefoot and minimalist running (mostly huaraches), and just when I've achieved some decent distance (8 miles, my commute to work), the weather has turned colder here in Philadelphia. Right now my tolerance seems to be in the low 30s. Lower than that, and I lose feeling in my feet, a bad thing for a minimalist runner. Oh well. Just commiserating. And again, enjoying your blog very much!

Claire said...

It's crazy how warm you actually stay running outside all winter...and just think of all the pockets! You just don't get that with summer running clothing

Patrick Mahoney said...

That is the most fantastic hat on the planet, possibly in the universe.

Unknown said...

Shelly, I don't think my hubby really understands what I get out of my solo runs. Its not that I am trying to get away from anyone but get to a place to just be with myself.

Glad to meet you Dan!! Don't be a stanger and I am checking out your blog now! Dublin?? Very cool!!

Claire, I love the pockets but I hate how all my stuff bounces around!

Pat, my sister in law made it for me. She has made me lots of hats and my favorites are the long floppy ones. You can't tell from the photo but it hangs way down and has a fluffy flower on the tip. I have been thinking of seeing if she would make some for giveaways :)

ShellBell said...

I go back and forth on being a solo runner. Right now, I'm more of a social runner because it gets me motivated during the cold months. It doesn't always have to be with Jason but I'm really enjoying having company.

Keep those piggies warm!

misszippy said...

It's so funny--in the summer it's not the heat, it's the humidity. In winter, it's not the temp but the wind. Anyhow--way to get it done in the cold!

MCM Mama said...

I love solo runs. I need them every once in a while too.

Hope you can figure out a good solution for keeping ground feel and warm feet.

funderson said...

YES! Running is my very own "mind-vise"

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