Monday, November 15, 2010

home sweet home is just like heaven.

  I do love to travel.  Not as much however as I love to be home in my safe little bubble with the hubby.  It occurred to me this morning that I had not laughed or relaxed since Thursday night..  I hit the road early headed to Omaha on a nuun trip to sample 4 stores and then run a booth at the HyVee Whole Health Experience Expo.  The 80s weekend show on the radio made getting lost 4 times kinda rad in hindsight.  Woodchuck cider and Doctor Who as well as a nice treadmill made for a descent trip despite the hardships.  I have to mention my netbook also.  Little Red may be the best purchase in years.  My whole trip was so much better and since I don't have a yearly or more plan to pay for I had fun scoping out WiFi spots for free!   Google maps however are not reliable. At least I didn't invade the wrong country or anything.

Coming home has to be one of the best experiences in life.  I was so tired last night when I finally did roll into Des Moines but seeing my spawn and hubby made all right with the world. 
Today the creative juices were flowing and I finished some homework that I have been hesitant about sending off.  I also didn't want to stress eat.   That stress eating business has now come to an end.  I have been worried about trying to lean up since this summers anemia scare but now that I am supplementing its time to get back at it. I want my Michelle Obama arms back too.

Thanks Neil Z for the sweet T's!!  I will get some photos of us wearing them where you can see we are barefoot too!  The oldest spawn shutter bug was off playing with his friends.  Dang kids having their own lives and all that!  (Don't you love the burned out stump in the back yard.  Many a hotdog and marshmallow have been roasted at that happy spot.)
Neil is a fantastic photographer, blogger, barefoot runner, and he holds some sweet giveaways as well! Go check him out at Because all the Cool kids are doing it!  Let him know I sent ya his way.

The dear one and I ran 9 barefoot miles at the fairgrounds.  It became quite cold after the sun went down however by that time we were warmed up from running.  I was done with running at about mile 7 and decided that I was ready to be done and  get home to eat.  Those last 2 miles seemed to last a lifetime!  I felt strong and happy but incredibly hungry on this run.

So now its time for some Venture Brothers after taking care of the spawn yelling from the bathroom that he is all done making snakes in the potty.  So good to be home!
Happy Running friends!


Amanda@runninghood said...

Making snakes in the potty...funny..I'll have to use that one instead of laying a fatty log. okay, so we don't say "fatty". Love your nose ring btw. I pierced my nose this summer but ended up taking it hubby misses it and wants it back. we shall see..thinking of a ring this time instead of the stud. Glad you made it home safely!

Unknown said...

Little Milo is pretty funny! He is always so proud of those snakes :)

I have had my nose pierced for 18 years now.....since my Sophomore year in highschool. I have had the ring longer than the studs but will keep it pierced until I am an old woman trotting along in my bare feet!

You should do a gold ring or one of the colored ones!! I'm too lazy to switch it up!

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like a fun trip, but I don't know how you handle all the travel and the boys. I feel like I can barely keep my head above water with just two kids and a very part time gig.

Jen said...

The fairground sounds like a perfect place to barefoot it. And ya gotta love 80's music to get you through a tough run! Glad your trip went well and you're back home with the fam!

Caratunk Girl said...

Ahh, yes, nothing is better than being home sweet home after a trip, right?

Molly said...

Love my home bubble, and love the Cure!! Your hair looks cute down!

Johann said...

Oh yes, home is best! I'm not very good with travelling, too many good things at home.

ShutUpandRun said...

It's true there is no place like home, especially when you've put in some time and energy at work stuff. Welcome back!

Laura said...

Wow..way to juggle everything. Home is the best.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Love the "fire pit" in the back yard. Doesn't everyone have one? It's hard to give it up when the evenings get so quickly cold. (and the fire only keeps one side of you warm!)

I have been eating like crazy since the ultra. I need another race to burn off all the food. I think food just tastes so good after creating such a genuine hunger. Good thing I am keeping my miles up.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Omaha for 3 yrs! Yes the city is very hard to get around. I can imagine how blessed you felt to be home. BTW Love the 80s!!

Emz said...

YOU GOT A NEIL Z shirt??! So jealous. Sorry, I always want to be just like you.

no joke.

off topic but ..... are your eyes really THAT blue?! contacts?! AMAZING blue eyes. My eyes are blue but NOT like that. awesome.

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