Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barefoot Trail Run, Running with Hubby, and LHFR excitement

  Yesterday I ran in the woods again with Forey.  We found ourselves terribly lost about an hour into our run.  If you remember I was lost numerous times in Omaha over the weekend.   Being lost is not so bad when you have time to enjoy the new surroundings and explore without limits.  In Omaha I had places to be and no time to spare to find my way.
Right before crossing the river.  That is a ledge there to jump off.  It looks like the edge of the water is right there but its really a drop.  
  Yesterday was the same case.  I had a little under 2 hours to run and then pick up Sammo at block class.
We ended up finding a guy in a truck that looked uncannily like my father in laws brother.  He gave us a ride back to the trail that would take us to our cars.   The sprint back to the cars was great!  All this was done barefoot and it was super cold going through the river and then running back to the cars on the paved path.  It was a fun sprint though and by the time I was driving to pick up Sam I had a nice endorphin buzz to take the edge off being late and the spawn chewing me out about it!  hhmmm, maybe some GPS would have helped...
Clean feet.
Not so clean feet.  We did see some deer and of course saw some tracks too. Lots of scrapes and scratches after we lost the trail.  Nothing major though, just itchy.
Crossing a train bridge gave me flashbacks of watching Stand By Me as a kid.  Remember that flick??
I am estimating that we ran about 8.5 miles.  Between the nice pace on the trails, the sprinting back to the cars, and the time we were gone, its more than likely that I am grossly underestimating but just in case I figure 8.5 would be a good number.

Today I ran with my dear one at the fairgrounds.  I wore minimal shoes since I am having a toe nerve issue and it doesn't hurt off road or in shoes.  It was also cold so not happy about this run but I vowed to finish and I did.  You think I would learn to not kick and scream when the inevitable is upon me. The cold was going to come eventually.
Some things to remember for next time are start eating earlier in the day.  I had horrible heart burn.  Also I need to remember to bring a hat as the weather was colder.  My ears hurt which always gives me a headache when its cold.  I couldn't leave my hair down since there was wind. I need gloves.

As always Jaymon made me laugh and go back and forth on liking to have a running buddy and wanting to be alone and away from the chatter.  Just when I had had enough of his boundless optimism he would catch me off gaurd and make me giggle.  He said "there is a fine line between funny and annoying".  He said this right after being annoying which in turn made me laugh.  He makes the miles fly by when I am wishing it were over already.  He also sings when we run.  Those kinds of songs.  The ones that get really lodged into the noggin. Youtube had embedding disabled so here is the link! Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson.

I kept having to mess with my shoes.  You don't ever have to tie a bare foot.  Today the shoes were either too tight or too loose. Rocks don't stick and click on bare feet either.  That sound drives me mad and its already loud as hell running in shoes. I don't run in them enough to get the hang of them.  Ah well. I did my 9.25 miles and my lovely dear one did 10 miles!!! He is such a rock star!
I love the nine mile distance. I bitched and moaned for the first 7 miles and then when Jaymon asked me if I was feeling better after he noticed I was quiet for a while I replied that I still felt like crap but I have finally gone far enough to not care anymore. Thats a great feeling.  That resigned to finish what I started even though its not so pleasant feeling is pretty groovy.   At 9 miles I start feeling really good again and then feel like crap again at about 13 miles and so on.

Packet Pickup for the farms race is tomorrow!! I am so excited!  Please cross your fingers and toes for me that my helmet and goggles arrive in the mail tomorrow.  I will still have fun of course and just wear the helmet and goggles all the time anyways but I do really want them to come tomorrow.

I love the logo for the farms race this year!  I tried some of the 5 hour energy drink and really liked it on my trail run yesterday.  I think it helped to keep me warm.  I am going to pick up more tomorrow for the race on Saturday.
My race bib number is 3026!!!
  Next week will be busy fun!  We are going back to Kansas for turkey day and hopefully warmer weather.  I have some big personal changes coming up as well.
  Happy Running friends!!
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