Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three things Thursday

Short and sweet this will be.

  1. Tomorrow the whole family and I are going to The Quad Cities so I can do a promo nuun sampling at the Moline HyVee and then work the Quad Cities Marathon expo and then the finish line Sunday.  It will be an adventure for us all.   I am really excited about my place with nuun after meeting with some of the team on Monday and Tuesday.
  2. If you have a giveaway going on or know of someone who has one up and running will you please comment and let me know.  I have been so busy that giveaways have fallen by the wayside and I really like to enter them and support other bloggers.
  3. I might get to go to the Barefoot Run in New York City!! Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.  As you know I am a barefoot runner at heart but sometimes I wear shoes.  As Christopher McDougall said and I entirely  agree "My approach to shoes is the same as my approach to clothes. Apply as necessary,"  I have an opportunity to get behind a minimal shoe if I like them and all works out then this company may be sending me to the NYC run and others like it.  It could open many doors and present so many new opportunities.  Much like my job with nuun, it just sort of fell into my lap and I am really excited about it!
Please comment and let me know whats up with you! How is marathon training going?  What races are coming up for you? Fill me in!!
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