Tuesday, September 21, 2010

practicing this thing called blogging

Ideas constantly swirl around in my brain box and I rarely get much of it down here.
I so often over complicate posts and then end up never posting. I need to practice posting more often.
I am a mother of 4 lovely boy spawn.   I have been working quite a bit lately and have not seen these wonderful people as much as I would like.   I love my job but I miss my fellas by the end of a 9 hour day hanging with the nuun team while they were here visiting. The nunners came from all over to visit stores and meet as a team. Its not a regular occurrence to work so much. I usually do most work from home and only travel on the weekends.

We talked about procedures and sampling and grocery stores that carry nuun. I was reassured that I am in fact doing a stellar job despite my fears of others seeing through the fact that I am just winging it and hoping for the best! We had fun and laughed over margaritas and mexican food and when I walked in the door to my comfy and loving home and was greeted by a diapered little dimpled fella exclaiming  "mommy, I like you". My day was complete.  Archimedes still has those gorgeous little dimples on the back of his hands for a little while longer I hope.

Today we did more of the same with the nuun team and I am feeling hopeful for the future and thankful that I bugged Lola at nuun to send me some samples for a giveaway all those months ago.

When I got home today I was greeted again to little boy spawn eagerly wanting to show me the "best fort ever" that Sammy had made for them.  I answered some emails about some upcoming partnership and sponsorship opportunities that I am very excited for!

This weekend is the Quad Cities Marathon. I will be traveling Friday morning and wont be home again until late Sunday night.  I am soaking up home through every pore while I have the chance now.
Tonight I was sore, tired, stressed and just in need to burn off some energy.  Strange to have so much energy and be spent at the same time.

Jaymon was at his limit having been home with the kids for the last 2 days and then with the rainy dreary weather he was not too happy with me going out for a run and being gone again.  So I hurried.  I ran 3.35 miles up to the top of the huge hill in the cemetery and back.  I wore my Vibrams Five Finger KSO Treks since I already had them on from wearing them all day.  It was dark when I headed out so the shoes were nice and they provided some nice traction on the rain soaked dark roads.  It took me 27 minutes and 8 seconds to run and when I came back it was with a content smile on my face.

All is right in my world right now.  I may not get that long run in this week but maybe when I am in the Quad citites to work the marathon and hanging at the hotel at night I can run on the treadmill and who knows what kind of miles might come about.


Irene said...

With 5 men in the house, you're outnumbered! your job may be a bit like mine where no two days are exactly the same and its hard to keep a routine for the kids. Sounds like your little ones are doing great. Keep up the good work, Mom!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like your life is taking exciting turns.I'm sure you are torn in some ways.Understandable!
It is nice to see good things happen to you.You seem like a great person. :)
liz F

Anonymous said...

How can there not be a picture of the "best fort ever?"

Molly said...

whoa....watch out hotel treadmill, you're in for a ride!!

KovasP said...

Hopefully it's not Q's treadmill. I'm still loving the Nuun I won from you earlier. My kids and I will do a taste test and review soon (unless I finish it).

AM! said...

balancing it all AND writing a blog! I know! don't know how ps do it ESPECIALLY gals w/FOUR lil' dudes, and a job!

you seem to make it work, which always impresses me;-)

RunToTheFinish said...

i can't even imagine balancing it all, but you are doing great!

Emz said...

You are super woman to me.

Enjoy the mill! ;_

misszippy said...

You're doing a fantastic job at the juggling act! It's great that you can release the long run if needed and not fret over it. I wish I had that ability!

Love those little dimples on hands...my kiddo's are only in pics now. Goes too fast!

MCM Mama said...

You are doing such an amazing job with your juggling. I am in awe of you as I spend most of my days wondering which ball is going to fall on my head.

The Boring Runner said...

Don't feel bad for the time away. Sometimes you gotta take care of business too.

Sometimes being required to get in a quick run is nice. You know that you only have XXXX time to do it so you don't feel guilty about not going super far - you had no choice!

Unknown said...

Don't you love it when things just come together and "all is right". You're amazing!

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