Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life is rich.

Today has been a lovely day.  It has been long coming too.
I checked off about a dozen things off my to do list and made some good starts on others.
It was a mixture of household, work, and things for Jupiter which are always satisfying.
Sweet stuff came in the mail today as well.  I asked Chocolate #9 if I could try their slo-burn energy gels and they sent me a whole box to try out.  GOOD STUFF!!  Its organic Agave nectar and chocolate. It tastes amazing and is not as thick as the other gels so goes down quite easily.  It is a low glycemic gel so no energy spikes and why its called a slo-burn.  More of a review of that to come but thought I would mention it.  I keep some gels and shot blocks in my bag for when we are out and Jaymon and I get low blood sugar and are getting grouchy!  A few shot blocks does the trick.  The Chocolate #9 are going in my bag too and I look forward to trying them out on a longer run.

After the chocolate arrival I had to make some phone calls. One of which I was not happy about. I was assertive with a family member that I don't like having confrontations with.  I tend to be too emotional and then my rational thinking shuts off like a light and its just not productive.  I was calm though and was able to stand my ground.
I also ran tonight!  I went a mile farther than yesterday.  It was fantastic!
It was a bit cooler although very high humidity.  There was a breeze  so my sweat dried and cooled me.  I took a handheld of nuun and did not have a headache nor do I now after the run. I did not eat for a couple of hours before the run so no heartburn or digestive issues. I had eaten well earlier so I wasn't feeling weak.
  Its amazing how loud summer is. The cicada are almost deafening. I miss the sounds in winter when its quiet and everyone is inside although that can be peaceful too when it seems like you are the only one out in the world. Lawn mowers, people barbequeing with music going, car windows down so you can catch a glimpse of the song on their radio.  Summer is the best!

  I run barefoot. Today I ran in a sports bra and skirt barefoot.  I am cool with this now and have come to believe that if people think I am weird then there is something wrong with them and their fashion sense.  That being said, when the shirtless skirt wearing  barefoot lady is laughing while running down the street and she is quite alone even I  concede that it is a bit odd.

 Have you ever been driving and had to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting something that ran out in front of you?  About two seconds reality sets in and you realized that "Shake and Bake, That Just Happened" and you have no idea how you were able to hit the brakes so fast. It was faster than conscious thought.

I was charged by a dog today and the way time flowed was much like the scenario above.  My legs and feet hopped about dramatically and I did this jogging jig as she was charging my ankles.This blonde rat out of hell came out of nowhere.
 Out of my mouth without my knowing I yell "HEY BACK OFF DOG" with a whole hell of a lot of sass.Like Uber sass and even finger pointing like it was one of my children.  A fraction of a second later I realize its an Italian Greyhound.   My mother in law has IGs and they are pretty cute little dogs.  They can change direction faster than any animal I have experienced.  That interaction was probably the most fun that blonde little cutie has had in a while. She charged and then as soon as I got nasty with her zipped back around with lightning speed. This happened in the space of like two seconds.
The fact that I yelled what I did without a care as to who heard me and the start it gave me brought on  the giggles. Crazy barefoot lady coming through. I have come to enjoy yelling at other peoples dogs that need scolding.

Now I am surrounded by one spawn growling and playing in the kitchen crawling about being scary and another practicing headstands on the couch. Jupiter is looking exhausted while watching his brothers.
Another wonderful day in the neighborhood :)
Happy Wednesday my friends!
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