Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Running, Tri, nuun, busy.

I have been so busy lately that I don't think I will ever catch up. I may have to change priorities so I don't feel like I have to catch up on so much.
I have been spending the day learning how to use some editing software and coming up with a contact card design and its been productive and fulfilling to do something creative today. Expressing creativity is so satisfying and relaxing for me and the rest from sitting at the computer has been welcomed today.
I just heard from a boss at nuun headquarters that I will be going to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids this weekend to train a new nuun guy and do several back to back Hy-Vee store samplings.
Here are some photos from the weekend. It was incredibly inspiring to see the Triathletes compete and man the purse!  WOW!  They made some fat cash for winning!
Hanging out spreading the nuun love at the Hy-Vee Triathlon in West Des Moines is what kept me busy for 12 hour days Saturday and Sunday but oh we had some fun!
Uber silliness and lots of rain and mud.
I walked around barefoot for  most of Sunday at the Tri and carried  my flip flops and when my feet couldn't take being wet anymore I put on the foot coffins and stayed dry for a couple hours but most of the day was just wet and muddy.  
It was great to see this though! I spy something blue and full of Triberry nuun!
After work I have been hanging out with this sexy hunk-a-man and running barefoot for a handful of miles on the bike trails not far from our house. The running works the kinks out from working so much.
Jaymon is learning that just because your mind wants to, doesn't mean that your form will let you. I am so thankful to be a year into this adventure and not have that constraint as much anymore.
Barefoot running is like anything else you work at. You set some goals and try and meet them and then you set some more. You stay diligent and it gets easier and you get stronger.
Here I am tonight after 7.25 miles.  I am on day 9 and have 11 runs in.  I feel pretty good although those hills were kicking my arse.  Cutting it short is so difficult when I really want to be out there. Thankfully the sun was going down and forced me to head back home.
Just like the sun telling me to go home, your body will tell you what your current limitations are if you listen closely. I am listening for those limitations and have yet to find them so on I run. I feel less achy and sore when I run every day and sometimes its just for 3 miles.
In the beginning of a barefoot running transition from shoes don't expect to keep your current mileage. You must accept that you have to build a base and start from the beginning.  This is where most people hurt themselves. Those barefoot zealots out there sometimes forget to warn you that just because you run without shoes does not mean you are impervious to injury. It's like learning a new skill and only some of what you already know will apply. Most of what you learn will be all on your own from learning about whats the best form for you.  Keep at it and ask questions, make some barefoot friends and run happy. I can pretty much guarantee that you will discover a joy in running that you did not know was possible.

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