Sunday, May 16, 2010

Broke new barefoot running ground!!

I ran 23 miles barefoot this morning!   
I have a new favorite running shirt!  Running Chics  sent me a couple shirts to try out and I love them!

I ate GU on the 5s and a few chomps in between.
I drank nuun....of course!!!

When the pain started to get me down I relaxed my body and conserved energy.
Pain is my friend.  It reminds me that I am accomplishing something and in its own twisted way cheering me on to go farther.
Had seriously annoying GI issues at mile 18 but kept on keepin on.
Saw a Basenji that looked exactly like the one we used to have.
Saw many walkers and runners that seem to be regulars at Grays Lake.
Was making up poetry at mile 19.
If I stopped it hurt worse than if I kept going so those potty stops sucked.
  Thought about all the hugely pregnant mamas I saw last time. They are probably nursing brand new little ones today.

I ran behind a girl who had excellent form. I followed her for about 4 miles before she left.
Her right foot came up higher than her left. Wonder if she knows that. Was the only thing I noticed that was a little off.
I met a woman who is pregnant with her 4th son!  She was glad to see that it is possible to survive it and I was living proof!
There were moments when I was so frakkin bored outta my gourd and other moments where the lack of thought was blissful.
No blisters or sole issues from running barefoot.
When I got home the smiles and hugs were glorious. 
I sat in a tub of cold water with my winter coat on drinking a mug of super hot cabbage and venison soup.
I had been dreaming of that soup for hours. It was the best soup of my life so far.
My dear one came in and kept me company while I laughed and moaned and groaned in the freezing cold water.
He gave me an appropriate amount of shit for being a total nutter and we laughed some more.
After a while the cold water starts to feel good.  
I didn't want to put ice in the water. Too much of a wuss I guess and thank the goddess I only have a little ice in the freezer.
Recovery socks are genius.  I have the lime green ones.

Don't forget to sign up for my Giveaway!! 
The Barefoot Running Book by Jason Robillard is the prize and the giveaway runs through the 19th.
Have a fantastic Sunday friends!
Congrats to those who ran stellar races this weekend!


Caratunk Girl said...

Hey I thought of you today at my marathon - there was a barefoot girl out there! :) She did awesome.

S Club Mama said...

sounds like an amazing run. I know nothing of barefoot running except it's existence but it sounds cool.

Ewa said...

You do realize I am totally as green with envy as your recovery socks. :)
Congrats on new barefoot record. You rock!
That tank looks really cool. It is getting hot here, I might have to get some. I wish they had more colors.
Do you listen to music when you run?

Teamarcia said...

Congrats on the 23 you barefoot running machine! Green recovery socks sound sooooo cool!

Michelle George said...

Well done!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Wow! You are ready to get out and run a marathon! Great run today.

Hannah said...

Way to go, Angie! Awesome that you did so well on your 23 miler and fabulous that you did it barefoot! You are incredible. I love it!

Unknown said...

Congrats on 23 miles BF!!! That is AMAZING!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

23 miles barefoot is amazing! It makes my measly 6.5 miles seem like a walk.

You are inspiring girl! And in the tub with your coat on, I crack up picturing it!

Laurie said...

Great job, you're amazing!

Julie said...

Holy crap Angie!! Are you kidding me...running 23 miles barefoot!?! You are a big time rock star girl!! Way to go:) Are you training for a marathon that we don't know about? Nice work:)

misszippy said...

Aren't their shirts great? And they probably look better on you than me!! Glad you enjoyed your nice long run.

Momma Twitch said...

You're amazing girl! You really inspire me. 23 miles barefoot....AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this post. Thank you for being an inspiration! I want some of that soup! LOL!

Alexa said...

wow, 23 miles ! I am totally impressed - good for you !

Laura said...

You go girl! 23 miles yay!!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, nice job! way to stick it out. i've never seen or heard of that kind of dog before, cool

wendy said...

23 miles barefoot, wow! I would too say you are a little nutters, but I won't : ) Great job, I love the shirt, too cute!

Adam Gentile said...

Wow, that is incredible. Running it barefoot is impressive, and just running that distance for the heck of it is even more impressive.

There is no way I would go out and run 20+ miles unless I was training for a marathon, or some kind of race. That takes some mental stamina.

funderson said...

23!! nice job

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

You are one tough lady! I doubt I could run 100 yards barefoot.

Anonymous said...

23 miles! Rock on with your barefoot self!

Marlene said...

I can't fathom a mile barefoot... let alone 23! Awesome job on the run, Angie!

Tracey Kite said...

WOW, 23 barefoot miles and no blisters? I can not even fathom that. Great job!!!

MCM Mama said...

Way to go! I can't even imagine.

Patrick Mahoney said...

23 miles - that's so frickin' rad. I've gone a grand total of once barefoot (not really w/ V5F), and that was last week. But it was cool. Planning on doing it once a week...

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