Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are you training yet ,ROCK THE VOTE, Thankful Thursday.

I was asked today if I had started training for a 50k.  Formally, no.  I am not following a training plan yet.  I am however aware that I have deficits in my running that are only going to get worse if I don't address them now.

  I started doing P90X 2 weeks ago and after only this short time I have seen my core strength improve and my speed get better.  I didn't realize until now how important cross training is.  I knew it in theory but in practice it is truly amazing!
  Yesterday I ran on the treadmill and watched Glee and it was an easy sort of relaxing run (in the morning btw, I am actually getting up and running in the mornings now!).  This however was done after a day of my 10 mile hill route PR.  I have been running this route for a couple years now and have ran 5 miles at ten minute miles but this time I did 10 miles and held the same pace. The next day I did legs and back and ab ripper X.  The P90X is addressing the issues I was ignoring before and I was hitting a wall in my running.

  So the better answer would be yes, I am training for my 50k.  I am going to plan it, map it out and call it the inaugural Barefoot Angie Bee 50k and its going to be in the fall sometime when the weather is cool again.

  Lots of other people out there are starting P90X and some are posting before photos. I so wish I would have thought to do this at the beginning. Since I didn't I will give you this.
This is my photo entry for Shut Up and Run's "dorkiest running getup" contest!  Please go vote for me!!  And THANK YOU SO MUCH!! for those that already have.  The prize is a Golite hydration pack that I will use on my 50k and in training for it.  Mama needs some running gear so I have to do what I can to get it!

I was also asked today about what my dear one thought of my photo and if he was the one to take it.
He thinks its funny and yes he took it. He was being sly though and saying things like "maybe you should pull the tights shorter" or "maybe you should bend over".  Big teenager trying to catch a peek at my business!  I love that he finds me hot after all these years and it just keeps getting better between us!

Today is Thursday and I love how so many people use this day to list the things they are thankful for. I always think of it but rarely post a list. I will change that here and now

  • Social media and networking sites.  I have more friends and feel connected to the outside world more now than I ever have.  Its hard being a mom with 4 kids and being able to get the much needed social interaction.  I am thankful however to have so much more in common with people now. I can talk kids and running!
  • The cute FedEX guy that just delivered my yoga mat!  He had some rocking music going too! He seemed happy.
  • coffee. I have been falling in love with the flavor of coffee without sugar!  Its one of my goals to quit the sugar and so far so good!
  • I am thankful for my struggles.  They make me a better person and I am thankful that my struggles are so pathetic compared to others.  I have wonderful food to eat and a roof over my head and my family is in good health and I think they are all happy!
  • Good books to read.  There are 2 books on my desk to read and review.  I am thankful they were sent to me and that I can savor them!
  • a sleepy little fella climbing onto my lap and hugging and kissing me!  Nothing sweeter in the world than that!
  • summer hair cuts.  All 4 boys got buzz cuts ala Daddy's barber shop in the bathroom!  They look so cute!
Happy Thursday everyone! Off to the library to print some forms for one of Jupiter's programs!  Don't forget is Autism Awareness month! Do you know someone with autism?



You are such a rockstar! Love that picture. Way better than what I posted.

I love that you are planning your own 50K. Crazy!

Ewa said...

Can I vote twice?
You are so right about social media sites. I have a few running friends but just a few, internet allows me to connect and get inspired by so many more.
Will you post your training plan? Please. Pretty please.

ShellBell said...

I feel so lucky knowing you and totally agree with you about social networking. One day I hope to meet you in person though! My hubby is a grown up teenager too but I love it!

Happy training for your 50k? Need any volunteers to work the aid stations.... :)

Running Diva Mom said...

Angie -- you won my mommy necklace on my blog! Email me your mailing address, please. THANK YOU!

The Boring Runner said...

NICE! Even a 50K tag on the blog. That is the true sign that it is official. :)

I just checked the voting and you are SMOKING the contest!!!! I think it is mostly because of nut cup. I'm in the market for a camelback (hiking/biking) so you'll have to be sure to post a review when you get it ;)

PS - I know lots of people with autism!

Tricia said...

I'm loving that pic!

Doyle said...

Anything for a tater. Love ya

Erica said...

your picture cracks me up every time I see it! :)

Julie said...

Hi Angie,
Yes, I already voted for you girl:) Your picture is so funny and thank God for potatos!! Good luck with this contest:)

Emz said...

Do I ever!! [know someone w/autism]. :)

loving your thankful list.


Thanks for the happy post.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Ohhhh My god! I almost choked on powerade zero when i saw that picture. My ballot has been cast. Looks like you are in a nice lead. Excellent! Hope you win the prize so you can kick some butt in your very own 50K.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Too bad we don't live closer, you could do the Skyline Challenge Trail 50k with me!

Great job with the morning runs. I love a wake up run even if they are short, it helps me set the tone for the entire day!

P90x - I wish I could get back into that BUT famiy needs some of my time too. Maybe if I become a SAHM I'll be able to squeeze that in?!?

Have a great weekend. I cant wait to see if you won!

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