Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dork needs your votes!!! Go vote for me!

Beth over at Shut Up and Run had a photo contest and I submitted a photo.
I really want to win!
Go vote for the barefoot runner wearing shoes with the dorky outfit and a huge crotch bulge!
You know you want to go look now after mentioning the crotch bulge!
Do I hear some lady GaGa like specultaion???
Just like GaGa I put it all out there.  I know you will be tempted by unitard lady and kudos to her for her photo however I must point out that she did not show her face nor did she leave a link so in my book I must say fair game and compete!
Lets see how far social media can come to my aid in winning this baby!
Here is the link to the contest!

Here is what I want to win!
I am planning on running the inaugural Angie Bee 50k this year and need some hydration gear!

Here I am in all my dorky glory!  I made the top 10 people!!! THE TOP 10 dorkiest running outfit contest!

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