Sunday, January 3, 2010

The time of the 10th Doctor comes to an end

Time...What is it really. How do we mark it. How will it be remembered........
A surreal and wonderous time in my life could be marked by the reign of the 10th Doctor.

 An emotional time filled with loneliness and profound growth  and in hindsight it traveled at  an incredibly rapid pace.
 I moved to a new city and welcomed a new son into the world. I had my own trials and tribulations and I too was running.....a lot!

  My clever dear one is the person that showed me the Netflix link to the "New" Doctor Who and I very much liked Christopher as I saw a bit of Baker in him. I was dubious after loving to watch Doctor Who that we checked out from the Salina Public library (one of the best libraries ever). I did not grow up with The Doctor like so many....I wonder how my life would be different if I had....I digress, I became a fast fan and fell in love with Torchwood and Sarah Jane as well.

Regardless of when I discovered him , he came into my life when I needed distractions and a jumpstart to my creative nature as well as pleasure!
  I with a synical heart  thought that David Tennant couldn't possibly cut it. Oh how wrong I was. I soon became  hungry for more and fell in love with this crazy man with the cool shoes. He is always running. The running is one of the best parts!!

I have had many a daydream of someday seeing that blue box and not being able to resist the adventure  it represents.....Knowing that I have a synical heart I will try to think positive thougths and hope that The 11th  will be up to snuff. He is young. The youngest incarnation of the Doctor by about 10 years and I do hope that he can use that as an advantage.  It must be hard to be over 900 years old  and still look 17!
Never the less, Thank you David Tennant....Doctor.

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