Friday, October 30, 2009

Beggars night with a ghost and a kid in a hat.

Good lord, candy can turn a sweet loving little child into a crying sticky heap on the floor.
                                                                 Candy really is the devil!

Sam wore a funny hat and he gave Jupiter the honor of wearing his ghost costume as we ran down Grand street stopping at all the houses with porch lights on. Cold drizzle and wind only slowed us down towards the end when our feet hurt from the cold and wet. Sam and I both still favor crocs and flip flops and pretend that we can take the cold.

On beggars night kind people will give beggars candy for a joke. Its a welcome change from lining up with the hoards of germ machines at the mall.

What was the ghost kids favorite sandwich?
BOO logna!!!

 We were creeped out by the talkative witch lady and actually bummed out by all the chocolate given to us.
In a house with food allergies its actually the crappier candy that most of us can have. Jaymon saves us all from the chocolates and  Sam is the only kid  I have ever met that was excited to get a box of raisins. He never ceases to make me smile! Jupiter was a real trooper. He is up for a good time and an adventure always! Next time I do a ghost costume I will take the time to glue some plastic glasses on the inside  so the eye holes stay in place and don't get stretched out to be a cyclops ghost although that sounds kind of cool too!

Jaymon and Sam learned about pumpkins after being inspired by the blow up pumpkin and ghosts decoration that Grandma Linda gave us.
It tried to ride the wind into another yard but we grabbed it and brought it inside for crazy child enjoyment. They watch as it deflates and lays limp on the ground and  then inflate it over and over.....and over.....and over again! Sam has been waiting anxiously to set it up for months! Since the pumpkin was first associated with harvest time we will leave it out for a while even though Halloween is only for another day.

They are a happy bunch and easy to please!

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Anonymous said...

Laughing out loud! So true!

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