Friday, August 14, 2009

10 mile barefoot run today and an article by a friend

I ran on sidewalk and roads for 10 miles today. The run was fantastic and my feet and well everything felt great . Its amazing how the body adapts to barefoot running if you do it right.
The feedback from my feet told me I could have ran several miles further but it was getting late and the roads were getting hot. No blisters today though!!! My form must be getting better. I feel my Chi powering me forward and it feels like I could go all day. I definitely think the barefoot half marathon will go very well in October! I wish that I was running the Omaha half marathon so I could maybe meet Barefoot Ken Bob and the other barefooters that will be there, but alas maybe next year...
A friend of mine from the Runners World barefoot running forum wrote an article about why he runs and it is quite comical!
Jon's article
I agree that its almost impossible to explain why I run too. Its like having kids, you have no idea really what its like until they are born and then you cannot imagine what life was ever like without them but its not something that can be explained, only experienced. Only others that have had similar experiences will even come close to understanding. Everyone runs for different reasons. I run for my mental and emotional health as much as any other reason and sometimes those are the primary reasons. Gotta love a runners high :)

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Jason Robillard said...

Angie, great job with the run... I think you will be more than prepared for the racein October! I know what you mean about trying to explain why you run. Only those that have experienced it can understand, yet it is still difficult to verbalize.

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